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Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Meeting the Learning Needs of Disabled Students 

1/2 day

This seminar will introduce academic staff to the key aspects of inclusive teaching, with particular reference to students with disabilities.  Participants will be introduced to relevant equality legislation, including recent updates, and will learn what to do when a student discloses a disability. Working interactively, the seminar will then cover principles for inclusive curriculum design and delivery, as well as planning for reasonable adjustments through using practical examples. Participants will have an opportunity to explore how these ideas might enrich their own teaching practice. It will be useful for all academic staff, particularly those in charge of Programmes of Study, and those who have or will have a disabled student in their class in the near future.


13 January 2015

09:30 - 12:30

11th Floor, McKenzie House, 30 - 36 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0DE