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Personal Development

Coaching Skills

2 days

Coaching is both an effective management/leadership tool - enabling the manager to let go and find more time for their own role - and a technique for motivating and enabling others to identify and achieve their goals.  Coaching helps us to create a culture of ownership, development and growth.  Coaching is an on-going, often informal, process in which the coach acts more as a guide than a tutor, drawing out what is already there and enabling the coachee to set a path for themselves.  This programme explores the context of coaching and its relevance and applications for today’s university managers and team leaders and develops participants’ skills through a series of group sessions and practical exercises.


This course should prove to be of particular interest to those who manage or support others and:

  • Recognize the need to develop a more participative management/leadership style, feel under pressure and take on far too much themselves.
  • Want to have positive and constructive conversations with their team members, be fair and consistent to all and provide a solutions based environment to enable all to develop to their full potential

This course is also appropriate for Personal Tutors, Principal Investigators, Project Managers and other university managers and agents of change.  It develops a language of participation and ownership that is invaluable for both individual resilience and organisational effectiveness.

9 & 10 May 2016

09:30 - 16:30

11th Floor, McKenzie House, 30 - 36 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0DE