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Evidence of Teaching, Research, Leadership and Innovation

In order to ensure balance between the information relating to clinical service and information relating to academic contribution, appraisees may wish to structure their information in the Section on “Teaching, Research, Leadership and Innovation” against some or all of the topics listed below. It would be helpful to keep to the order in which they appear.

Teaching Activities

The appraisal of the teaching activities of the appraisee in the preceding year should include:

  • a review of the quantity and quality of teaching activity - to medical, dental and other undergraduates, postgraduates, junior medical and dental staff, other health professionals, professionals complementary to medicine and dentistry, with consideration of feedback from those being taught;
  • developments and innovations in teaching such as method, content, use of materials and technology;
  • curriculum development;
  • examining - internal and external.

Research Activities

The consideration of the appraisee’s research activities in the preceding year should include:

  • national and international academic reputation;
  • notable research achievements;
  • the volume and range of publications;
  • invited lectures and conferences attended;
  • the quality and impact of research undertaken;
  • details of external funding awards;
  • research leadership and project management;
  • supervision of research students;
  • confirmation that all necessary procedures including ethical approval have been followed.

Leadership and innovation

This focuses on the clinical academic’s work locally, nationally and internationally and may, for example, include:

  • contributions to local and national service development;
  • involvement in international programmes;
  • contributions to healthcare programmes in developing countries;
  • membership of local, regional and national bodies, including academic, professional, NHS and other government committees.

Management and Administration

This focuses on the appraisee’s formal management and administration commitments, including the management and supervision of staff, undertaken for the university and NHS citing any noteworthy achievements and any difficulties experienced in reconciling these with other duties