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Sickness Absence


In September 2009 the University commenced a review of Sickness Absence Procedures (for all staff) and Capability Procedures for staff on Grades 1-4. Led by Professor Malcolm Jones, Pro Vice Chancellor for Health and Estates, the Sickness Absence working group included senior managers, HRSHE staff and six Trade Union Representatives. The group met on three occasions over the Academic Session 2009/10 to develop a fair and transparent framework for managing Sickness Absence (for all staff) and Capability for staff in Grades 1-4.  

The Sickness Absence (for all staff) and Capability Procedures for staff in Grades 1-4 is a result of the consultation between the University and the recognised Trades Unions.

The new procedures ensure a consistent approach to managing sickness absence that places an emphasis on securing the prompt return to work of staff, recognise individual circumstances and effectively target support and resources.  The framework balances the needs of the University with the needs of individual staff members.

The procedures aim to :

  • Ensure employees are able to carry out their duties in a safe manner (including reasonable adjustments), adopt a positive attendance culture, and promote the health and well being of staff
  • Identify causes of sickness absence in order to prevent or deter absence recurring where possible
  • Reinforce systems for reviewing and managing  sickness absence across the University
  • Ensure compliance with sickness reporting rules
  • Ensure overall performance is maintained within the University

The procedures will be implemented by Schools and supported by Human Resources and Occupational Health. Further information on the Services offered by the Health Centre can be found 

Should you have any queries in relation to your specific School / Directorate arrangements you should in the first instance direct them to your School Manager or the person nominated to record sickness absence in your area.

For specific queries in relation to Sickness Absence please contact your Human Resources Manager.