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Emeritus Professor Procedure

Conferment of the title Emeritus/Emerita Professor


1. Eligibility

Professors, and such other members of senior staff as Council may, from time to time, determine, who retire from active University work, for whatever reason and at whatever age, are deemed eligible for consideration for the award of the title Emeritus/Emerita provided that they do not take up settled employment at another university or higher education institution.

Consideration will be against the following criteria, namely that:

• the Professor should normally have attained the age of 60 and have retired from full-time academic employment;

• the Professor should normally have held Professorial rank at Cardiff University for a period of at least five years;

• the Professor should have contributed to the discipline and to the life of the University or the wider community with distinction.


2. Duties

An Emeritus Professor shall, for all purposes of courtesy and on ceremonial occasions, have the same privileges as a member of the Senate. S/he shall not be entitled to be a member of the Senate or any other University body.

The title shall not carry with it any stipend or specific duties or entitlement to office space, but does carry the enjoyment of the usual courtesies of email and library access.  

An Emeritus Professor may be appointed on an annual basis to supervise research students, and to act as an internal examiner for candidates for research degrees.

An Emeritus/Emerita Professor may continue to contribute to the work of the relevant School insofar as they wish, but this is not a requirement of holding the title.  Such contribution is voluntary and as such is not remunerated and nor classified as employment.

An Emeritus/Emerita Professor named on a grant may be paid in accordance with that grant award for work specifically relating to it, and retain the title on the basis that this is a defined period of externally-funded post-retirement activity.  

Persons holding the title of Professor Emeritus/Emerita may be eligible to act, exceptionally, as internal members of Appointing Committees for Personal Chairs and Readerships and other academic appointments, if, by virtue of their pre-eminence in the field or profound knowledge of the specific area(s) of scholarship indicated in a particular case, they are in a position to provide the appropriate level of expert advice.

Where Emeritus/Emerita professors continue to publish their work post-retirement and that such activity is clearly focussed in the University, this may be allowed as a contribution to the research activity of the School and may, with the individual’s permission, be used as such in assessment exercises.


3. Process and Approval

Recommendations for the award of the title, setting out the contribution the individual has made to the University,  should be set out in writing by the Head of School and submitted, via the HR Department, for consideration by the Pro Vice-Chancellor Head of College. The Vice-Chancellor would consider the award of the title to any appropriate staff outside the Colleges.  Decisions will be reported to the Senate and Council.

The HR Department will confirm the decision to the individual and the Head of School.


Withdrawal of Emeritus awards

The Vice-Chancellor, having consulted the Senate, may revoke the conferment of the title Emeritus/Emerita Professor, where the individual concerned has acted in such a way as to bring or be likely to bring the University into disrepute.

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