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Investors in People (IiP)

Investors in People is primarily about encouraging good people management practice. As an institution we already promote this through systems such as induction, probation, appraisal, evaluation, effective communication, leadership and management and staff development in its many forms.

Other additional important factors are involving teams in objective setting and decision making where possible, encouraging performance and potential through appropriate access to support and encouraging areas to have clear purposes and a vision which all staff understand. There are many areas of the University who already operate all of this good practice as part of their day to day running and the aim is for this good practice to be uniform across the University.

Investors in People is awarded subject to regular reviews which can be no further than three years apart. The frequency of reassessment for your School/Division can be discussed with the Internal and External Investors in People Advisors at a relevant date. When all parts of the University attain Investors in People status then the whole institution will be granted Investors in People status. This is planned to take place in 2011.

Investors in People (IiP) - The Standard Framework

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Investors in People (IiP) Institutional Assessment (2010/11)

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Investors in People (IiP) Mock Assessment (April 2009)

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