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Annual Leadership Awards Ceremony 2012

Effective leadership and management are central to the current and future success of the University and help to ensure a fair, consistent and positive working environment for all staff. The Annual Leadership Awards Ceremony 2012 was an acknowledgement and celebration for all staff who successfully completed Leadership and Management Development Programmes during the period 2011/2012.

Awardees from the following three Cardiff University programmes were recognised:

  • Leadership and Management Development Programme for Research Team Leaders
  • Leading and Managing Teams
  • Practical Leadership for University Management
Awardees and guests in Concert HallProf Terry Threadgold and Jayne Dowden















Leadership and Management Development Programme for Research Team Leaders

The programme develops Research Team Leaders to: build and lead a research team; run effective research team meetings; motivate and support individual researchers; and develop their role as a team leader. The first module is delivered by external facilitators with extensive experience of research team leadership and a thorough knowledge of the challenges involved in conducting publicly funded research. The second module concentrates on duty of care challenges and applying the skills and knowledge to manage performance and development in the Cardiff context. It is aimed at Lecturers, senior research-only staff, Senior Lecturers or Readers, recently appointed Principal Investigators, or those who currently lead small research teams.

Johannes Benedikt (Engineering)
Paola Borri (Biosciences)
Jo Cable (Biosciences)
Alain Chiaradia (Geography and Planning)
Liana Cipcigan (Engineering)
Sion Coulman (Engineering)
Gordon Cumming (European Languages, Translation and Politics)
Luigi De Luca (Business)
James Downe (Business)
Nick Dummer (Chemistry)
Isabelle Durance (Biosciences)
Richard Gale (Geography and Planning)
Mike Harbottle (Engineering)
Jane Harden (Nursing and Midwifery Studies)
Samantha Hibbitts (Medicine)
Jane Hopkinson (Nursing and Midwifery Studies)
Billie Hunter (Nursing and Midwifery Studies)
Ahmad Jamal (Business)
Jane Klemen (Psychology)
Aleksandra Koj (Engineering)
Annette Lankshear (Nursing and Midwifery Studies)
Simon Lannon (Architecture)
Shin Lee (Geography and Planning)
Philip Leichauer (Engineering)
Sharon Mayor (Medicine)
Rachel McNamara (Medicine)
Lynn Monrouxe (Medicine)
Selyf Morgan (Geography and Planning)
Mohamed Naim (Business)
Helen Nicholson (History, Archaeology and Religion)
Timothy O'Doherty (Engineering)
Eleri Owen-Jones (Medicine)
Panos Papanikolau (Nursing and Midwifery Studies)
Shantini Paranjothy (Medicine)
Joanne Patterson (Architecture)
Wouter Poortinga (Architecture)
Andrew Potter (Business)
Ned Powell (Medicine)
Polina Prokopovich (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Jeanette Reis (Earth and Ocean Sciences)
Emma Renold (Social Sciences)
Verica Rupar (Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies)
Jane Salisbury (Social Sciences)
Devin Sapsford (Engineering)
Majid Sedighi (Engineering)
Emma Thomas-Jones (Medicine)
Matthew Turner (Engineering)
Yingli Wang (Business)
Fiona Wood (Medicine)

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof Elizabeth TreasureAwardees and guests in Concert Hall















Leading and Managing Teams

This six day workshop arranged over a six week period is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) as an Endorsed Award. It is aimed specifically at first line managers and team leaders, working in either Schools or Directorates, who manage others formally or informally. Delegates examine, practise and improve their skills in the areas of: delegation, motivation and workflow planning; practical leadership; management of time/self management; change management; communication skills; and managing performance and conduct.

Jennifer Arnold (Registry, Governance and Students)
Carole Baker (Social Sciences)
Robert Beadle (Information Services)
Geraldine Bousie (Geography and Planning)
Diane Bowden (Geography and Planning)
Mandy Brimble (Nursing and Midwifery Studies)
Bethan Clemett (Geography and Planning)
Anthony Cope (Information Services)
Susan Cousins (Registry, Governance and Students)
Rosalyn Cundill (Law)
Lynne Dando (Registry, Governance and Students)
Sheila Dargan (Biosciences)
Gemma Davies (Healthcare Studies)
Joanna Davies (Physical and Financial Resources)
Thomas Dickens (Physical and Financial Resources)
Martyn Ellis (Physical and Financial Resources)
Jennifer Evans (Business)
Kath Evans (Medicine)
Liz Forty (Medicine)
Cheryl Fulcher (Medicine)
Caitlin Golaup (Registry, Governance and Students)
Lowri Griffith (Business)
Julia Hallett (Business)
Rhiannon Hirst (Strategic Development)
Clara Ho (Strategic Development)
Ciara Hovey (Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education)
Sonia Hughes (Information Services)
Donna Hyndman (Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education)
Annalisa Jones (Registry, Governance and Students)
Christopher Jones (Strategic Development)
Andrew Kingdom (Physical and Financial Resources)
Lydia Klimecki (Medicine)
Julian Labanciw (Physical and Financial Resources)
Katie Leighton (Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education)
Jane Lidstone (Psychology)
Anita Matthews (Medicine)
Liesa Nottle (Engineering)
Kristina Penman (Engineering)
Denise Phillips (Geography and Planning)
Cerys Ponting (Architecture)
Rhian Rattray (English, Communication and Philosophy)
Samantha Redman (Strategic Development)
Sarah Richards (Physical and Financial Resources)
Elaine Ropke (Medicine)
Wendy Salter (Information Services)
Sarah Sherrington (Business)
Lorelei Simon (Strategic Development)
Mark Taylor (Physical and Financial Resources)
Flo Ticehurst (Social Sciences)
Alison Tobin (Law)
Rhian Turner (Medicine)
Rebecca Vangasse (Medicine)
Samantha Vickerstaff (Nursing and Midwifery Studies)
Emma Walker (Medicine)
Veronica Walker (Registry, Governance and Students)
Lisa Wallace (Medicine)
Alexandra Williams (Social Sciences)
Tina Woods (Social Sciences)
Sarah Worley (Registry, Governance and Students)

Practical Leadership for University Management

The programme, which is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) as an Endorsed Award, is aimed at academic and administrative staff with significant responsibility for leading people and managing resources, budgets and projects, and is spread over a nine month period. By the end of the programme delegates are able to: understand the strengths of their own leadership style; apply relevant leadership and management theories and practice to their own situations; communicate effectively, manage performance and motivate staff; better manage processes, resources and projects; and review and plan their own continuing leadership and management development. During the course of the programme the learning is applied in the workplace, supported by peer learning groups, a mentor, a programme coordinator and online information resources.

Beatrice Allen (Planning and Geography)
Lee Bartlett (Strategic Development)
Carline Beaumont (Biosciences)
Andy Berry (Human Resources, Safety, Health and Environment)
Paul Brennan (Medicine)
Pauline Card (Geography and Planning)
Barbara Chadwick (Dentistry)
Andy Coleman (Information Services)
Will Gale (Engineering)
Max Gillman (Business)
Jane Goodfellow (Registry, Governance and Students)
Andy Grant (Medicine)
Louise Gray (Lifelong Learning)
Sonja Haerkoenen (Information Services)
Kamila Hawthorne (Medicine)
Martin Haynes (Dentistry)
Louise Jones (Medicine)
Victoria MacFarlane (Social Sciences)
Damian McAuliffe (Medicine)
Richard Morgan (Information Services)
Vanna Motta (European Languages, Translation and Politics)
Len Nokes (Engineering)
Nicola Phillips (Healthcare Studies)
Jane Powell (Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education)
Gwilym Roberts (Healthcare Studies)
Ruth Robertson (Registry, Governance and Students)
Mike Salmon (Human Resources, Safety, Health and Environment)
Jon Simcock (Physical and Financial Resources)
Helen Spittle (Geography and Planning)
Mark Stacey (Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education)
Helen Sweetland (Medicine)
David Thomas (Dentistry)
Alisha Tucker (Law)
Peter Turnbull (Business)
Mike Turner (Human Resources, Safety, Health and Environment)
Ed Wilding (Psychology)