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Annual Leadership Awards Ceremony 2011

Effective Leadership and Management Development is central in supporting the University’s commitment to continue to provide a fair, consistent and positive working environment for all staff. This Annual Leadership Awards Ceremony is a celebration for all staff who successfully completed Leadership and Management Development Programmes during the period 2010 / 11.


Awardees outside Aberdare Hall 1

Awardees of the Leading and Managing Teams programme and Practical Leadership for University management Programme.

Left to right Lynne Smith (Campus Services), Rhodri Baker (School of Physics & Astronomy), Michelle Smith (School of Nursing & Midwifery Studies), Steve Williams (Campus Services), Scott Andrews (Centre for Lifelong Learning), Nick Sharratt (Research and Commercial Division) Front centre Barbara Tomlin (School of Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies)


Awardees from the following four Cardiff University Programmes received certificates: 

Leadership and Management Development Programme for Research Team Leaders

The programme develops Research Team Leaders to: build and lead a research team; run effective research team meetings; motivate and support individual researchers; and develop their role as a team leader.

Julie Albon (OPTOM)
Stephane Bordas (ENGIN)
Stephen Clark (MEDIC)
Andrea Collins (CPLAN)
Richard Cowell (CPLAN)
Eva Elliott (SOCSI)
Tina Gambling (SOHCS)
Heledd Jenkins (CPLAN)
Sue Leekam (PSYCH)
David McGonigle (PSYCH)
Mohammad Nekoofar (DENTL)
Dawn Pickering (SOHCS)
Rebecca Playle (DENTL)
Rhys Pullin (ENGIN)
Clio Spanou (MEDIC)
Peter Sutch (EUROS)
Patrick Sutton (PHYSX)
Natalia Yakovleva (CPLAN)


Awardees outside Aberdare Hall 2

Awardees of the Leadership and Management Development Programme for Research Team Leaders and the Heads of Schools Development Programme with Prof David Boucher, Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor for Staff and Diversity.

Back left to right Dr Peter Sutch (School of European Studies), Dr Rhys Pullin (School of Engineering), Dr Patrick Sutton (School of Physics and Astronomy) Front left to right Prof Mike Lewis (Dental School), Prof George Boyne (Business School), Prof Karen Holford (School of Engineering), Prof David Boucher (School of European Studies), Prof Gary Baxter (School of Pharmacy)


Heads of Schools Development Programme

This programme is designed to engage and assist newly appointed Heads of Schools as they face the challenges of leadership and the change agenda.

Gary Baxter (PHRMY)
George Boyne (CARBS)
Karen Holford (ENGIN)
Mike Lewis (DENTL)
Nigel Lowe (CLAWS)


Welcome by Jayne Dowden, Director of Human Resources, Safety, Health and Environment
Awardees and guests are welcomed by Jayne Dowden, Director of Human Resources, Safety, Health and Environment.


Leading and Managing Teams

This is aimed specifically at first line managers and team leaders, working in either academic Schools or administrative Directorates, who manage
others formally or informally.

Charlotte Ackerman (REGOS)
Julie Airey (MEDIC)
Teri Augbaya (PSYCH)
Annika Axelsen (REGOS)
Yuleen Ballantine (PAFRS)
Emma Ballinger (PAFRS)
Paul Baston (PAFRS)
Anna Bell (PAFRS)
Rhianydd Bevan (STRAT)
Steffan Biggs (PGMDE)
Paul Bush (INSRV)
Chris Carey (HRSHE)
Anna Courage (OPTOM)
Eryl Cox (STRAT)
Gareth Davies (PAFRS)
Rachel Dennis (LEARN)
Paul Eddy (INSRV)
Hywel Edwards (STRAT)
Elizabeth Ellins (MEDIC)
Angela Evans (INSRV)
Lucy Forrester (STRAT)
Martin Fugill (DENTL)
Kimberly Gibson (PAFRS)
Paul Goodwin (STRAT)
Daniel Hodgson (MEDIC)
Wendy Ivins (COMSC)
Gaynor James (ENGIN)
Susan Jenkins (MEDIC)
Amanda Jones (STRAT)
Rhys Jones (WELSH)
Richard Jones (PAFRS)
Lisa Kennedy (PSYCH)
Will Leath (PAFRS)
Angela Marchbank (BIOSI)
Caroline Miles (INSRV)
Rebecca Milton (MEDIC)
Joanna Morgan (INSRV)
Iain Morland (ENCAP)
Eleanor Morrey (PGMDE)
Julia Price (MEDIC)
Judith Rose (INSRV)
Heather Rowlands (CARBS)
Christine Sangster (BIOSI)
Roderick Scott (PAFRS)
Nicholas Sharratt (STRAT)
Lynne Smith (PAFRS)
Michelle Smith (SONMS)
Gwennan Thomas (MEDIC)
Barbara Tomlin (JOMEC)
Gaynor Tullett (MEDIC)
Miranda Turton (MEDIC)
Kay Wilkes (PGMDE)
Robert Steven Williams (PAFRS)


Speech by Vice-Chancellor, Dr David Grant
Vice-Chancellor, Dr David Grant shares a joke with Rachel Morgan (DEVAR)


Practical Leadership for University Management

This is aimed at academic and administrative staff with significant responsibility for leading people, and managing resources, budgets and projects.

Scott Andrews (LEARN)
Rhodri Baker (PHYSX)
Hayley Beckett (HRSHE)
Gabrielle Couch (PGMDE)
John Evans (COMSC)
Gareth Griffiths (MEDIC)
Vicky Groves (REGOS)
Karen Hodson (PHRMY)
Adam Jaworski (ENCAP)
Ed Lewis (PAFRS)
Rachel Morgan (STRAT)
Sarah Richards (STRAT)
Geoffrey Samuel (SHARE)
Clare Sinclair (LEARN)
Alessandra Tanesini (ENCAP)
Lynnette Thomas (SOCSI)
Alison Weightman (INSRV)
Gail Williams (SONMS)
Sue Williams (REGOS)


Thank you by Prof Terry Threadgold

Prof Terry Threadgold, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Staff and Diversity thanks the awardees for their contribution to the University in their roles as leaders and managers.