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Information and Guidance for Staff with Leadership and Management Responsibilities

Staff with leadership and management responsibilities, need to know where to find up to date, relevant information, both on the University web and on the internet. They also need to be able to download those policies, procedures and guidance that are important to the role.

To assist with this process, we have enabled a single, accessible webpage, which has the information resources, organised by topic, into an alphabetical list of links, which give instant access to key information both within and external to the University.

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Academic Promotions

The procedures for application for the Promotion Schemes for Academic Staff. There are 4 separate procedures covering promotion to:

  • Reader and Personal Chair (Teaching and Research Pathway)
  • Reader and Personal Chair (Teaching and Scholarship Pathway)
  • Senior Lecturer (Teaching and Research Pathway)
  • Senior Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship Pathway)
Academic Research Misconduct Procedures for dealing with allegations of misconduct by employees in academic research.
Advanced Research Computing @ Cardiff The Advanced Research Computing @ Cardiff (ARCCA) service for high performance research computing is delivering the latest technologies and solutions to enable research of international distinction. ARCCA provides access to institutional High Performance Computing (HPC) resources, delivering economic benefits and a wider enabling impact than previous individual provision by Schools or research groups.
Academic Staff Roles: Teachinga nd Scholarship and Teaching and Research Career Pathways This document sets out the expectations of academic staff employed at Cardiff University on either the Teaching and Scholarship or the Teaching and Research career pathways.  It is intended to provide individual members of staff with guidance on the development of their career, assists Schools in the development of common expectations across the School and in the fair and transparent allocation of workloads.  
Appraisal All staff at Cardiff University who are not still on probation are required to have an annual appraisal. Details of the Appraisal Scheme, documentation and guidance for staff with leadership and management responsibilities in the form of the Cardiff University Leadership & Management Framework.




Management of Change From 1st August 2010 Cardiff University introduced new procedures in relation to the Management of Change which include important changes to the way it manages fixed-term contracts.  This briefing note summarises some of the key changes that will affect staff.  
Communicating Effectively A basic 'How to Guide' giving guidance on better communication practice.
The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers sets out the expectations and responsibilities of researchers, their managers, employers and funders. It aims to increase the attractiveness and sustainability of research careers in the UK and to improve the quantity, quality and impact of research for the benefit of UK society and the economy.
Concordat - Overview Success in implementing the Concordat within institutions requires a strategic approach to the provision of career development support for research staff and all stakeholders working together to this end. This chart summarises the major areas of focus for various groups of staff mapped across the Concordat's main principles.
Concordat - Vitae briefing for managers of researchers This is one of several briefing documents, developed by Vitae, for stakeholders with a role to play in implementing the Concordat's principles.
Conflict Managing Conflict at Work: a guide for line managers
Counselling for Staff Advice, guidance for staff who need to know what the Counselling Service offers.
Counselling - Referral Guidance for Managers Guidance for managers about referring staff for counselling.
Counselling - Workshops and Events Facilitated by counsellors, these workshops and events are focussed on giving useful information, ideas and strategies on how to better cope with a particular difficulty.



Data Protection The processing of personal data is covered by the Data Protection Act 1998. This governs what personal data the University can collect, how it may use the data and to whom it can disclose the data - the 8 data protection principles.  The Act also gives individuals the right to see their own personal data held by any Data Controller and other rights in respect of the processing of their personal data.
Delegation Some practical tips on delegation
Developing People A basic How to Guide on Developing People
Dignity at Work and Study Dignity at Work and Study Policy and advice on what to do if someone challenges your behaviour or if you are upset or offended. Also includes information about the Dignity Advisors network
Discipline Discipline Procedure



Equality and Diversity A range of information about Equality and Diversity including equality schemes for specific equality strands.



Fatal Accidents - the cost of getting it wrong

A Briefing from Morgan Cole

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 (“CMA”) came into force on 6 April 2008 and applies to fatal incidents occurring on or after 6 April 2008. It is not retrospective. The Protocol will continue to determine how joint investigations are undertaken and the Police will continue to have primacy.

Feedback Giving and receiving feedback. A self-tutorial slide show on performance related feedback. How to give it and how to receive it.
Finance Division (FINCE) Support available from the Finance Division for staff, students and others. Includes information about salaries, pensions, management accounts, accounts payable, income section and corporate financial services.
Fixed Term Contracts Guidance on the appropriate use of fixed term contracts
Freedom of Information The Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires the University, as a public body, to make available the information it holds unless an exemption applies.



Grading Reviews The procedure applies to the review of the grading of posts with the exclusion of applications for academic promotion (Personal Chair, Reader, Senior Lecturer, and Senior Professional Tutors) which are covered by separate procedures.
Grant Applications: Preparing, Costing and Submitting a Grant Application RACDV Information and resources to support those who need to prepare, cost and submit a grant application
Grant Applications: Managing your grant/ award Once you have been awarded your grant RACDV can help you setup the contract and manage the finances for the whole life of the project.
Grievance Grievance Policy & Procedure



Leading Health and Safety at Work

This guidance sets out an agenda for the effective leadership of health and safety within Higher Education. It applies to members of all higher education senior management. It sets out a four point agenda for:

  • embedding the essential health and safety principles;
  • a summary of legal liabilities;
  • a checklist of key questions for leaders;
  • a list of resources and references.
Health and Safety Training Courses Details of health and safety training courses available from the Occupational, Safety, Health and Environment Unit.
Health, Safety and Environment Policy: Hazardous Waste Policy and Guidance Health, Safety and Environment Policy: Hazardous Waste Policy and Guidance
Health, Safety and Environment Policy: Health, Safety and Environment Monitoring Policy Health, Safety and Environment Policy: Health, Safety and Environment Monitoring Policy
Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) External link to the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales  
HR Information and Data Management Includes details on how to apply for access to the Compel HR database and HR management information through Business Objects
Human Resources Division (HUMRS) Includes information about recruitment, organisational and staff development and seeking advice on specific HR issues



Induction Designed to ensure that all new members of staff are provided with the necessary information and support to aid the smooth transition into their role, their School / Directorate and the University as a whole.



JISC infoNet JISC infoNet aims to be the UK's leading advisory service for managers in the post-compulsory education sector promoting the effective strategic planning, implementation and management of information and learning technology.
Joint Costing and Pricing Toolkit The Pricing Toolkit for the Higher Education Sector was commissioned for the sector by the JCPSG. Its aim is to assist institutions in setting prices for the provision of services on a proper basis, where they have discretion to do so, since pricing decisions can have a major impact on the achievement of strategic objectives and on financial performance.




Leadership and Management Development Resources to support your role as a leader and manager including a range of Leadership and Management Development programmes to suit your needs, one off training and other support and guidance.
Cardiff University Leadership and Management Framework

The purpose of the Leadership and Management Framework is:

To provide all staff who have leadership and management responsibilities with explicit guidelines on what key behaviours, skills and knowledge are required to sustain good leadership and management practice in the University.

To support both the University Appraisal Scheme and the institution’s leadership and management development activities so that there is guidance on how to review and discuss the key leadership and management demands that individuals face and identify how they can develop the necessary capability.

Leadership Development for Principle Investigators

An online learning resource developed by the University of Leicester, University of Cambridge and Loughborough University which provides some useful guidance for Research Team Leaders across the following areas of Leadership and Management:

  • Leading a Research Team
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Developing Your Researchers
  • Managing Your Research Career
  • Managing Research Finances
Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE)

The Leadership Foundation provides a dedicated service of support and advice on leadership, governance and management for all the UK’s universities and Higher Education colleges.

Cardiff University is a member of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education and as such has access to the courses, programmes, research papers and advice they offer.

Lean Skills for Leaders and other types of Lean training Lean Skills for Managers’ Training Programme is designed for members of staff who are considered to be influential, positive people and are keen to help Cardiff University to improve. Lean is a way of thinking which enables organisations to examine today so that we can work together to improve tomorrow. It offers us a proven change methodology to help our staff to overcome obstacles to their work whilst increasing the value that we provide to our customers, be they internal customers (our own staff), students or research funders.
Learning and Development Strategy for Staff Learning and Development Strategy for Staff



Maternity - advise for new and expectant mothers HSE advice pages for new and expectant mothers.
Media Relations Details of the Public Relations services, support and protocols for media relations as well as who to contact.




Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Unit (OSHEU) Details of the services provided by the Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment Unit
Occupational, Safety, Health and Environment Referral Form Occupational, Safety, Health and Environment Referral Form



Performance Improvement Checklist for Performance Improvement. These are the Human Resources Guidelines for how to discuss performance improvement and draw up an action plan with a member of staff.
Performance Management Managing Performance How to Guide
Performance Management Performance Review Procedures
Planning Division (PLANN) Details the services provided by the Planning Division including strategic planning and Research Excellence Framework
Planning (Management Information - WIRe)

These web pages aim to provide a core set of summary management information reports which can be viewed, saved and manipulated by the user. Management information available includes:

  • University and School Strategic Plans and Supporting Strategies
  • University Committee Minutes
  • Staff Profile Statistics
  • Student Profile Statistics
  • Financial and Research Statistics
  • Research Grants, Contracts, Income and RAE statistics
  • External and Comparator Information
Probation Outlines the University’s 1 and 3 year probation procedure and includes relevant documentation
Project Management Framework The University has a Project Management Framework which is designed to help users to plan and implement projects in a disciplined way so that all the relevant issues are addressed thereby maximising the chances of successful outcomes.
Public Service Management Wales (PSMW) PSMW offer a range of development opportunities.  A benefit of attending PSMW events, courses, programmes, is that they offer the opportunity to network with other Welsh HEI’s and various public service agencies, such as local government.
Positive Working Environment (PWE) Information about the Positive Working Environment programme and the range of activities it is involved with including the Staff Attitude Survey, Recognition of Service and the Positive Health and Environment Week (PHEW!).




Recruitment All you need to know about how to recruit a member of staff
Research and Commercial Division (RACDV) Outlines the services available from RACDV
Research at Cardiff Summary of some of the wide range of world leading research carried out at Cardiff University
Research Staff Website All you need to know about the support and career development opportunities available to research staff.
Role Profile The National Library of Academic Role Profiles and Generic Benchmark Role Profiles are intended to describe the demands and responsibilities required of most members of staff employed at Cardiff University.



Sickness Absence Procedures Advice and guidance on the management of sickness absence
Staff Development Programme Details the wide range of training courses and other development opportunities available to all staff
Staff Experience Survey This website contains information about the survey itself, the data generated through the survey process and the action being taken in response to the results.
Staff Reference Group

The Staff Reference Group is a forum designed to facilitate two way communication between staff and the University; to keep staff informed and allow staff to comment on University activities. It is comprised of representatives from all Schools and Directorates.

These webpages have been developed to raise awareness of the group, facilitate the objectives of the group and aid the role of members in feeding back to colleagues in their areas. They include:

  • Terms of Reference
  • Members Role Description
  • List of Members
  • Archive of past papers and arrangements for the forthcoming meeting
Strategic Planning and Supporting Strategies The University Strategy, which builds on the University's achievements, sets out the medium-term direction of the University in line with its mission.
Stress Management Competency Indicator Toolkit The ‘Stress management competency indicator tool’ in this document is designed to allow you to assess whether the behaviours identified as effective for preventing and reducing stress at work are part of your management repertoire or not. The aim is to help you to reflect upon your own behaviour and management style.
Stress Management Information and Guidance (HSE) Stress at work is a big problem, but The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) can help you prevent work-related stress and comply with the law.
Stress Management Policy Outlines appropriate action in the management of stress
Stress Management Self Assessment Questionnaire

We all experience different levels of pressure in our daily lives but when our reaction to excessive pressure or other demands is affected we may exhibit signs and symptoms of stress.

If you think that stress may be affecting the way that you live and/or work, and you want to find out more information and complete a self-assessment questionnaire, these can be accessed through as can advice on skills for managing stress.

If you would prefer to speak to an Occupational Health Advisor, please contact:-

Occupational Health

(029) 207 4810

The stress site is easily accessed via the link and allows you the opportunity to obtain information, carry out a self-assessment and acquire skills in managing stress in the privacy of your own environment.  It is structured in a modular format for ease of use.  The sound has been muted on the videos to protect your privacy.  You will need to log on to complete the self-assessment questionnaire, and an email will be sent to confirm this process. 

Stress Risk Assessments HSE Advice pages for stress risk assessments.
Stress: Tackling Stress - the management standards approach The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides guidelines both for managers and employees.
Stress Website A resource for use by all Cardiff University staff provided by Cardiff University Occupational Health.
Stress: Working together to reduce stress at work The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides guidelines both for managers and employees.
HSE e-Bulletin Stress Update This Health and Safety Executive (HSE) e-Bulletin Stress Update includes a free test that helps line managers to assess and improve their ability to identify and tackle work-related stress as well as other exercises and resources.
Student Complaints Procedure Procedures for the Resolution of Students Concerns/issues.



Time Management A slide show on Practical Time Management
Index of Leadership Trust 2009

Trust is fundamental to effective organisational performance. It’s an integral part of an organisation’s social capital, the set of relationships between individuals and groups that bind people together.

Institute of Leadership & Management and Management Today set out to gauge the levels of trust in the leaders and managers of the UK’s organisations.



Under-represented groups Links to training opportunities and support staff groups who are currently in a minority in terms of representation in leadership positions in the University.





Welsh Language Service Outlines the University’s commitment to treat the English and Welsh Language on a basis of equality
Women in Universities Mentoring Scheme (WUMS) WUMS is a dynamic and innovative scheme that aims to promote and facilitate professional development for women working in Welsh universities by setting up inter-university mentoring partnerships where mentees receive encouragement, support and advice from a more experienced colleague to help realise potential and fulfil career aspirations.
Work-life balance schemes This document summarises the University’s arrangements for work life balance for staff, including:

A - Maternity Leave Scheme
B - Adoption Leave Scheme
C - Paternity Leave Scheme
D - University Special Leave Schemes
E - Civic and Public Duties Scheme
F - Working Flexibly at Cardiff Scheme