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HESA returns 2014 - 15

The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) is the official agency for the collection, analysis and dissemination of quantitative information about higher education.

It was set up by agreement between the relevant government departments, the higher education funding councils and the universities and colleges in 1993, following the White Paper “Higher Education: a new framework”, which called for more coherence in HE statistics, and the 1992 Higher and Further Education Acts, which established an integrated higher education system throughout the United Kingdom.

Cardiff University Objectives 2014/15

To collect personal and contract information for all staff employed between 1st August 2014 and 31st July 2015.  This includes Academic casual staff as well as contracted employees.

Most of this information is captured through our current HR systems however there are data requirements for the 2014/15 return that we do not hold centrally.  With this in mind we are asking schools to provide any information we may currently be missing.

Data Collection

To capture any missing information for staff we will send each school a spreadsheet with the full cohort of people and contracts we expect to return to HESA for 2015.  From this we ask that the school complete the fields required for this return from a selection of drop down options (where possible we will use data previously provided for 2013/14).

For the fields you are require to complete please see the attached PDF file to the right.  This will provide full guidance for how each item should be populated.  Clinical and Healthcare staff information should only be completed by the relevant schools.




Return Date



Sent To

Friday 24rd July/Monday 27th July 2015

Friday 14th June 2015

All HR Person and Contract Records for all staff within HESA period 1st August 2014 to 31st July 2015


School Managers


Monday 17th August 2015

Monday 31st August 2015

Staff ratios confirmed and signed off with School Managers.  During this time any amendments received will be completed and new reports generated for sign off.


School Managers



Please send your completed files to and include “HESA2014” in the subject line.  Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us further.

You can also contact us on 02920 879777