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Changes to Core|Portal user access

What is changing and why?

The current self-service Portal has been live since March 2013 when we moved to using our new integrated HR & Payroll system. This version of the Portal is very basic, but we are currently upgrading and improving the system software. From Summer 2014 onwards a new version of the Portal is launched; we will be implementing further changes at regular intervals.  During 2014/15 we will be rolling out additional functionality within Core Portal to assist Employees and Line Managers in managing their information.

In preparation for this system upgrade and following feedback received from system users and consultation with other Higher Education Institutions using Core Portal, we decided to review our current access process.

After looking at user reports we found that over a 3rd of staff had not logged into the system since it went live in March 2013. Many processes that are currently manual will be moved online in the near future so we need to encourage employees and line managers to access Core Portal. One way to do this is to remove any challenges that may discourage people from logging in.

As a result of this review which was undertaken in conjunction with the Governance & Compliance Division (with reference to The Data Protection Act 1998), all staff will now have automatic access to the system and will no longer need to complete an application form or work through the eLearning modules.

The Data Protection Act 1998 allows any person access to information held on them by an organisation (with some exceptions).  This means that there is no legislative need for us to ask users to sign an agreement before accessing the information.  We do however have a responsibility of care to inform users how to best manage their own information and advise on what security risks they may face.

Conditions and guidance have been written for users to consult prior to logging into their account.  A link to this will be on the Portal login page so that users can refer to it whenever necessary.  By signing into your Portal account you will be agreeing to the aforementioned terms and conditions.

All current members of staff will shortly be able to log into Portal using their standard network username and password.

What does this mean for line managers?

All University employees will have basic access to the system to allow them to see their own information.  If you are a line manager you will need additional features enabled in your account that will allow you to see staff information for the individuals in your team so you will be expected to complete a data access agreement.

What about training?

Core Portal is a user-friendly and intuitive system that will make things much more straightforward for people trying to manage their working life.  Processes undertaken online will be shorter and more straightforward and lots of work is being done to ensure they are as streamlined as possible. With this in mind, there will be no formal classroom training to demonstrate how to use Core Portal for employees, but there will be comprehensive user guides on the Useful Resources page ( ) on this website and open-access demonstrations will be held in each building where you can learn how to perform tasks in Core Portal and ask any questions you may have. There is also Frequently Asked Questions page ( ) on this website that you can refer to.