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The Assimilation of Hourly Paid Teaching Staff to the New Pay and Grading Structure

The aim of these pages is to provide Cardiff University hourly paid teaching staff with information on the National Framework Agreement.


Introduction – The National Framework Agreement

Following lengthy and extensive consultations in 2003, a National Framework Agreement for the Modernisation of Pay Structures within Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) was developed in partnership between the Universities and the Colleges Employers Association or UCEA (which represents the University at a national level), and all of the Trade Unions.

The National Framework Agreement involved moving staff on to a 51 point single pay spine from the various different pay scales evident within the Higher Education Sector. This process was underpinned by a job evaluation/role analysis process. In Cardiff University’s case the job evaluation scheme chosen is HERA (Higher Education Role Analysis).

Cardiff University implemented its new pay and grading structure on the 1 August 2006. Cardiff University is currently undertaking work to assimilate hourly paid teaching staff on to this grading structure. For further information on Cardiff’s Pay and Grading Structure please click here. A series of Career Pathways were developed to assist in this process for further information on the existing Career Pathways evident at Cardiff University please click here.


The Job Evaluation/Role Analysis Scheme

HERA is the chosen role analysis scheme that has been agreed by Cardiff University. HERA is an analytical factor based role analysis scheme designed for use by the Higher Education Sector.  It analyses a role through a questionnaire made up of 14 elements and 50 questions, which looks at the extent to which these aspects feature in the role. The 14 HERA elements were decided after careful review and details studies involving hundreds of Higher Education staff in a total of 40 HEIs (including Cardiff), in order to accurately represent the diverse range of roles found in HEI’s (each of the 14 elements are analysed by a trained Role Analyst. HERA produces a total points score which is used to assess the relative value of the roles in a consistent and equitable manner.  This score can be used to assign roles to appropriate grades or bands in a salary structure.

The use of HERA as a job evaluation process has the support of both University Management and the Trades Unions at Cardiff University. HERA was used to underpin the Framework Agreement and assimilate staff to the new pay and grading structure in August 2006 and is used to support; Recruitment and Selection; Regradings, Career and Succession planning; and training and development.


The 14 HERA elements are as follows:



Teamwork and Motivation

Liaison & Networking

Service Delivery

Decision Making

Planning and Organisation

Initiative and Problem Solving

Analysis & Research

Sensory & Physical Demands

Work Environment

Pastoral Care and Welfare

Team Development

Teaching and Learning Support

Knowledge and Experience

For further information on the HERA elements please click here.


The Data Collection Process

Cardiff University is committed to undertaking a HERA interviews/focus groups with a representative sample of the hourly paid teaching staff  within the University to gather evidence on the different uses and levels of role within this diverse and complex group of staff.

The individuals selected have been chosen randomly and all information collected as part of the data collection process will be anonymised and not attributed to any individual or group of individuals. Participation in the data collection process is voluntary and will have no direct impact on the individual role holder's placement on the new pay spine as all participants will be subject to the same assimilation process as other hourly paid teaching staff.

The evidence collected will be anonymised and used to develop Generic Benchmark Role Profiles (GBRP’s) reflective of the use of hourly paid teaching staff within the University or to match to other Generic Benchmark/National Library of Role Profiles(NLARPS) already in use within the University (for further information on the GBRP and NLARPS please click here). Generic role profiles represent many individual jobs at Cardiff University, as such Generic Role Profiles are not replacements for current job descriptions, but are to be used in conjunction with job descriptions for roles. The profiles developed will be indicative, not definitive, and are intended to describe the demands and responsibilities required of staff at employed at Cardiff University.