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Declaration of Disclosure by Members of Staff

Good governance requires that each member of staff declares any personal (or family) interests which may overlap or conflict with University activities. This is particularly important if the member of staff may be said to have some influence on the University’s activities and the choices which it may make. University Regulations require the Director of Human Resources to maintain and update regularly a register of such interests.

Each member of staff needs to complete the questionnaire. It is important to complete it even if there are no interests to declare. Failure to disclose a relevant interest is a breach of the Universities regulations.

If you have nothing to declare please note that a "NIL RETURN" is required to be made via your Core Portal account.  You can login to Core Portal using the following link and select Disclosure of Outside Interests, click Add to create a new entry or click onto an existing entry should you wish to amend your details.

If you have doubts please consult your line manager.  If there is a specific matter on which you require advice please email .