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The University is committed to protecting the security of employment for its staff as far as is possible. The skills and knowledge of our employees are an asset to the University and a lead factor in its success.

The University, as an employer, has a responsibility to offer suitable alternative employment opportunities to employees who are at risk of redundancy or to whom they have a legal obligation. The University has a redeployment process which is designed to support staff to find alternative employment within the University.

The purpose of the redeployment policy is as follows:

  • To ensure a fair and consistent approach is adopted in the management of redeployment.
  • To maintain efficiency in the working environment.
  • To retain skills, knowledge and experience of University staff who move between different parts of the University during the course of their career.
  • To provide effective support to staff who cannot continue in their current post, and to make all reasonable efforts to enable staff in a redeployment situation to continue their career with the University;
  • To ensure that the University meets all relevant legal obligations (for example, the Equality Act 2010, and the Employment Rights Act 1996)

The redeployment policy and restructuring exercises shall not be used as an alternative to effective performance management.

Staff may be eligible for redeployment in the following circumstances:

  1. Staff with 12 months or more service and whose posts are at risk of redundancy[1];
  2. Staff with a disability as defined under the Equality Act 2010 and whose condition requires a reasonable adjustment that cannot be made to their present post;
  3. Staff to whom the University has a legal obligation to consider suitable alternative employment, such as in the case of a grievance or harassment. Any such use of redeployment shall be on an exceptional basis only and shall be at the discretion of the Deputy Director of Human Resources, according to the prevailing circumstances at the time.

In all circumstances, the HR Department will confirm the individual's eligibility for redeployment.

Individuals who are subject to particular statutory immigration provisions restricting them from switching jobs will not be eligible for redeployment.

Redeployment candidates will be supported through this procedure by:

  • priority access to vacancies arising in the University, ahead of vacancies being made available to the wider University and external candidates;
  • guaranteed priority interviews for posts for which they meet all the essential criteria;
  • pay protection is available to staff who are redeployed to a lower paid post as an alternative to redundancy;
  • a four week trial period (for both parties) will apply.

Redeployment candidates are not guaranteed to be recommended for appointment to arising posts. They will need to demonstrate in interview that they have the necessary skills, knowledge or experience for the post, but will not be required to compete in open competition.

[1] Staff whose posts are deemed to be at risk of redundancy whilst they are on maternity leave are subject to additional statutory protection. The law requires that priority be given to redeployees on maternity leave ahead of other redeployees. Staff in such situations should contact their HR Manager for individual advice.