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Technical and Research Skills: IT Skills

UNIX/LINUX: An Introduction

1 day

This session will introduce the UNIX/LINUX operating system. Topics covered include the file hierarchy, UNIX commands, file and directory protection, redirection of input and output, modifying environment variables, setting terminal characteristics, Bourne shell login scripts, phases of shell interpretation, using grep to select records, the sed editor and the sort command.

Students with no prior UNIX/LINUX knowledge should attend this course prior to attending either ‘UNIX/LINUX: Processing data using AWK and Perl scripts’ or ‘Java: An Introduction’.

Entry Requirements
Places on this workshop are open to staff members on a Research only contract, other staff groups are welcome to apply for a place and will be entered onto a reserve list, in the event of a place becoming vacant a week prior to the session commencing staff members will be offered a place. For further guidance please email

Dates to be confirmed - To register yourself on the waiting list please submit your request via Core Portal*
*Please note you will need to inform your line manager/principal investigator of your training request so that they can authorise it in the Core Portal. No automated email will be sent notifying them of pending training requests.

Provider: UGC
Target Group: RS & PGR