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Technical & Research Skills: Packages

Structural Equation Modelling

2 days

Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) represents an integrative statistical technique that combines factor analytic and path analytic traditions into a single data analytic framework. SEM confers a number of advantages over more traditional approaches to data analysis. Principal among these are the simultaneous estimation of all pathways in a given ‘model’, the ability to take account of measurement error, and the provision of an estimate of model ‘fit’. This hands-on course represents an introductory level overview of SEM for the applied researcher using AMOS software.

Through attendance, you will:

  • be familiar with the statistical and theoretical underpinnings of SEM;
  • be familiar with factor analytic and path analytic traditions of SEM;
  • understand the principles of 'model' specification, estimation and identification;
  • be introduced to software applications that permit SEM analysis (specifically AMOS).

NB: SEM is most suited to researchers with broadly normally distributed data with an ‘n’ or anticipated ‘n’ greater than 100. Participants are expected to attend both parts.

Dates to be confirmed - Please register your interest by emailing

Provider: UGC
Target Group: RS & PGR