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Career Management

Postdoctoral Research Positions and Fellowships

This event will explain the difference between a postdoctoral research position and a postdoctoral fellowship and how both of these fit into an academic career. Information will be provided on what sorts of fellowships are available within the UK and overseas, as well as how to find them and how to apply. Personal insights from current and former postdocs will be provided on applying for postdoc positions and fellowships as well as the costs and benefits of working in such positions overseas.

Through attendance, you will:

  • find out what is involved in applying for a postdoctoral position or fellowship;
  • gain insight into the impact that your first postdoc position can have on subsequent career plans and funding applications;
  • learn how to identify postdoctoral positions and funding opportunities through Research Professional and EURAXESS.

You may wish to attend the separate workshops/events on ‘Developing an Academic Career’ and 'Academic Careers’.

21 February 2014

Lecture Theatre & Rooms 0.27A/B, Hadyn Ellis Building
09:15 - 12:30

Please Note: There will be an optional 1 hour session in the afternoon on how to use the Research Professional website, an essential resource for researchers containing up-to-date information on research funding opportunities and policy developments. We welcome James Field from Research Professional who will update researchers on this  excellent resource which provides a gateway to a massive quantity of up to date research funding and policy information.

Lecture Theatre & Rooms 0.27A/B, Hadyn Ellis Building
13:30 - 14:30

Research staff can book by emailing 

Provider: UGC
Target Group: RS & PGR