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Technical and Research Skills: Other (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Cultural Theory & Your Research

2 hours

This workshop will serve as a brief introduction to cultural theory and will offer a 'user's guide' to its application in humanities and social sciences research. The seminar will be in two parts: the first part will provide a brief history of critical theory, identifying its key theorists and most important conceptual innovations; the second part will be a discussion of individual participants' research projects.
The workshop will approach critical theory as a 'toolbox' for creating new problem-solutions in research and show how its tools can be accessed and utilised. Consideration will be given to how cultural theory can be applied to different disciplines (e.g. humanities, social sciences, hard sciences). Through attendance at the workshop, you will be:

  • familiar with the history of critical theory
  • able to identify some key theorists and main concepts in cultural theory
  • able to reflect critically on the usefulness of cultural theory for advanced research in humanities and social science


  24 October 2012   10:00 - 12:00  Room 3.10, Graduate Centre


Provider: UGC
Target Audience: RS & PGR