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Technical and Research Skills: IT Skills

C Programming: An Introduction

1 day

This workshop, intended for scientists and engineers, will provide an introduction to the C programming language and its usage. After attending this course you will have acquired the basic skills in programming. The course will comprise a mixture of lectures and practical work. No prior programming knowledge is required. Content will include:

  • differences between the English language and the C language;
  • C reserved words and variable names;
  • arithmetic operators;
  • simple input and output;
  • comparison operators and the use of conditional and iterative control statements;
  • use of logical operators to test for more than one condition;
  • formatting output.

30 January 2015

Training Room 2, Julian Hodge Centre, Colum Drive, Cardiff, CF10 3EU
09:00 - 17:00

Dates to be confirmed for the second session - Please register your interest via your Core Portal account

PLEASE NOTE: Places on this workshop are open to staff members on a Research only contract, other staff groups are welcome to apply for a place and will be entered onto a reserve list, in the event of a place becoming vacant a week prior to the session commencing staff members will be offered a place.

Provider: UGC
Target Group: RS & PGR