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Cardiff University Research Staff Association

Cardiff University Research Staff Association

Cardiff University Research Staff Association represents researchers across the institution, and facilitates engagement within the University.  CURSA was introduced at the Cardiff University Research Staff Policy Forum in March 2012.


CURSA’s aim is aligned with the vision - a fulfilling career for every researcher and mission - to empower research staff to take control of their careers and contribute to policy of the UK Research Staff Association (UKRSA).

As CURSA develops, it is envisaged that it will enable Cardiff University researchers:

  • To co-ordinate training activities/career development sessions for other researchers, and provide support for researchers as necessary
  • Inform institutional management and administration on the interests of researchers
  • Influence institutional policy

CURSA Committee

It is chaired by Dr Lydia Hayes, Cardiff Law School:

My role as chair of CURSA is to encourage the representation of research staff interests on a University-wide basis. Collectively, research staff at Cardiff make a huge contribution to the development of science, knowledge and culture. At an individual level, we all want rewarding jobs, we want to work in an environment where we feel valued and we want opportunities to engage in effective research to the best of our abilities. It would seem that the job of CURSA is to join the dots between individual researchers, across schools and colleges, to work with the University, their specialist professional support staff, management and trade unions to try and make that happen.

It’s really pleasing that we have CURSA reps in a majority of schools; often with more than one rep in large schools with several research institutes. CURSA reps have taken the opportunity to meet together and find out about the issues that interest, and impact upon, research staff and how best the University might improve our experience of working here at Cardiff. It is our aim to ensure that CURSA is organised for the long-term to represent staff at school, college and University-wide levels. However, our first step towards achieving this is to ensure CURSA has at least one rep in each school. Our target is to achieve this by the end of this year.

Schools without reps are currently:
Dentistry, Earth and Ocean Sciences, English Communication and Philosophy, European Studies, Music, Lifelong learning, Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education, Welsh.

We would like at least one research staff member from each of these schools to act as a CURSA representative please and we will be raising this for discussion at the CURSA Annual General Meeting to be held on the 28th November. CURSA reps meet on a quarterly basis. At the moment we are developing a range of ideas about how to improve working life for research staff. This includes ideas about mentoring, training, the management of early career researchers, corporate communication, leadership skills, access to lectureships, staff promotion, re-deployment, re-grading, diversity and equality. We need ALL researchers from ALL schools to be represented in these discussions; so if you are currently working in a school without a rep – please get in touch, we need you!