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Survey Questions

As the survey was the first of its kind for staff at Cardiff University, it was essential to ensure that the questionnaire was as thorough and comprehensive as possible, containing questions in relation to many different aspects of working life.  The questionnaire is available to download from the right-hand side of this page, under 'related resources'. 

A number of focus groups took place at the University, where staff contributed to the question design process for more information on the methodology and results of the focus groups, please see pages 75-80 of the main report, which can be downloaded from the link on the right-hand side of this page.  The questionnaire was then structured around the key themes of the Positive Working Environment initiative and comprised of the following sections:

Positive Relationships and Valuing People

This section of the survey contained questions relating to areas such as morale, feeling valued by the University, job satisfaction, access to training and development opportunities, regularity and quality of processes such as induction, appraisal and probation review meetings, as well as opportunities for development and career progression.

Health and Wellbeing

This section contained questions relating to all six of the HSE Stress Management standards: demands, control, support, relationships, role and change.  For more information on the HSE’s management standards please visit the HSE website at

Equality and Diversity

The Equality and Diversity section of the survey contained questions on the equality and fairness of treatment, the consistent and fair application of policies and procedures, the adequacy of religious belief and observance facilities and the perceived organisational commitment to equality and diversity.  In addition, questions regarding the experience of bullying, harassment or discrimination were asked.

Building Management Capacity

Questions in this section could be separated into two distinct themes: management at a local level within the School or Directorate, and management at a senior level of the University.

Internal Communication

This section included questions regarding communication at two levels; firstly communication at a local level within the School or Directorate, and secondly, communication at a higher level in relation to University communications and top level information.  Questions were also included in relation to engagement and involvement with decision and policy making.

Physical and Virtual Environments and Access

The Physical and Virtual Environments and Access section contained questions regarding the quality of the physical environment in which people work, on the availability of materials and equipment to do one’s job, the adequacy of the University’s IT infrastructure and the University’s commitment to health and safety.

Priority Search

The questionnaire also included a ‘Priority Search’ section.  This was a paired comparison exercise devised by Priority Research.  Members of staff were asked to rank the importance of 16 different statements in relation to each other.  This resulted in a list showing which of the statements had been consistently ranked in the top third of importance by respondents, thereby showing the University’s priorities according to members of staff. To view the results of this section of the survey, please download the 'Priorities' document, available from the right-hand side of this page.