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The 2008 Staff Attitude Survey

Cardiff University’s first Staff Survey was conducted as part of the Positive Working Environment initiative in June – July 2008. The survey was designed by Priority Research, and questions were developed in consultation with staff at the University, who were randomly selected to participate in a number of focus groups.  

As the survey was the first to be conducted across all staff at Cardiff University, the decision was taken for the survey to be broad, covering many different aspects of working life.  

Approximately 2,500 members of staff took the time to complete the survey, resulting in a response rate for the University of 43%.  

The survey results were received from Priority Research at the start of the 2009-10 session, and were then published on the website for staff to view in November 2009.

Using the links below, you can view the survey questions and responses to them, the main findings from the results, and details of the actions that where taken as a result of the survey at University-wide level and School and Directorate level.


Staff Survey 2008

The questions and your responses

Staff Survey 2008

What happened as a result

Survey questions

Response rate

Presentation of the results

Main findings

Taking action at a University level

School and Directorates results

Working groups