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PWE Purpose and Key Themes

Cardiff University’s vision of becoming world-leading cannot be achieved without its staff. The University employs approximately 6,000 people in a huge variety of roles, all of which contribute to our successes, achievements and goals. By ensuring that we provide a working environment that allows us to recruit, retain and develop world-class staff, the Positive Working Environment programme will help to achieve the University’s vision.

Positive Working Environment is a university wide initiative which seeks to improve working life for all members of staff at Cardiff University wherever possible. The initiative seeks to support and develop the University’s staff, providing opportunities for everybody to reach their maximum potential.

The Positive Working Environment purpose:

We will develop a positive working environment for all of our employees.


People feel valued and enjoy positive working relationships;

People work in a safe, supportive, responsive and accessible environment;

The health and wellbeing of employees is promoted and supported.

In order to:

Enable staff to maximise their potential and contribute to the development of the University’s mission;


To be an employer of choice.

Work on the initiative began in 2007, where various members of staff across the University were consulted to find out what they enjoy about working at the University, and where they think improvements could be made. A huge variety of responses were received, and from these, 6 key themes for the initiative were formed.

Key Themes

+  Positive Relationships and Valuing People
Where the working day is characterised by an inclusive, fair and positive culture with shared goals and people feel valued.

+  Health and Wellbeing
The provision of appropriate support services to ensure that staff, whatever their life stage, maintain their health and wellbeing in the workplace.

+  Physical and Virtual Environments and Access
The provision of physical and virtual environments that are conducive to the achievement of individual and University objectives, together with the provision of a safe and accessible workplace and an awareness of a developing range of transport options.

+  Communication
To have in place effective methods of communication that ensure mutual understanding between the University and its staff.

+  Equality and Diversity
Provide an environment where all staff are treated fairly and with dignity, courtesy and respect, and where diversity is celebrated.

+  Building Management Capacity
Have people who understand their roles and have the skills, knowledge and experience to carry them out effectively.

There are already a huge number of activities taking place at the University within the six key themes, all of which contribute to the creation of the Positive Working Environment. One of the aims of the Positive Working Environment programme is to coordinate and communicate these activities, to ensure that everybody is aware of the opportunities available to them.