Study abroad

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to consider fresh perspectives on your studies and the wider world.

You will develop an enhanced range of transferable skills such as adaptability, time management, problem-solving and intercultural communication.

You may have the chance to brush up your language skills, or even learn a new foreign language. Meeting people from diverse backgrounds, you will form friendships and networks that can last for a lifetime.

You can choose to take any of the School's single honours or internal joint honours degrees as a four year option, with a built-in second year abroad. Alternatively, you can apply to spend a semester or year studying abroad as a student of our school through our international partnerships. The duration and timing of study abroad depends upon your programme as detailed below.

A wide choice of destinations

Our partner institutions span continents. Destinations vary year on year, with recent examples listed below.


  • University of Hong Kong


  • University of Waikato (New Zealand)


North America

How studying abroad works with your degree

You can spend your third year abroad with our extended four year degree programme with Study Abroad option. This gives you three years in Cardiff and one year abroad, which is usually taken after your second year, and you will then return here for your final year.


Funding varies according to where you choose to study. If you study in Europe, you may receive a monthly grant from the British Council under the Erasmus+ scheme. For other destinations you may receive a small bursary from the University’s Global Opportunity Centre to help towards costs.

Delivery and assessment

Delivery of teaching and methods of assessment during the period of study abroad will be according to the usual practices of the partner institution. This information will be available on the partner institution’s website and will be discussed with the Erasmus and Exchange coordinator for your programme when making arrangements for the study abroad.

The language of study will also depend on the institution to be attended as well as your language skills and will inform your study abroad options.

All marks obtained during study abroad are converted into one overall mark for the year/semester according to standardised university conversion tables.

For four year programmes with year of study abroad, the year abroad will count 10% towards the final degree classification.

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