Archaeology and Conservation

The depth of our research strength is reflected in our range of Archaeology and Conservation master's programmes.


With a broad range of period and subject encompassed in our postgraduate taught range, our pathways reflect our research specialisms: Prehistoric Britain, Early Medieval Society and Culture, the European Neolithic and the Early Celtic period.


With an international reputation for its teaching and research, Conservation at Cardiff offers you a hands-on, practical approach under the careful supervision of leading experts in the field.

As part of your studies, your practical work in our fully equipped suite of laboratories will not only fully develop your range of skills, but also make a lasting difference to the future of precious objects from a range of historic collections.

You will join a tight-knit community, becoming part of a wider group of alumni working in the heritage sector across the globe.

PhD and MPhil research degrees are also open for those wishing to further specialise or pursue a career in academia.