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Archaeological finds from the Cosmeston archive

During June and July 2007 students from the School of History and Archaeology catalogued the excavated finds from investigations carried out by the Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust during the 1980s. Finds in the archive included large amounts of many different types of pottery that had found their way onto the site from as far away as Spain and France, Warminster, Devon and Bristol, as well as South Wales. Large amounts of animal bone were also discovered such as horse, sheep and pig but also more unusual species such as the Great Auk seabird (now extinct), as well as oyster, limpet and periwinkle sea shells. Many metal artefacts were also discovered in the archive including belt buckles, keys, spoons and even cannon balls! Finds ranged in date from the Prehistoric, Roman, Medieval and Early Modern periods through to the present day and could indicate that settlement at Cosmeston may have had a long and varied history yet to be fully discovered.

Archaeological finds, along with other types of evidence, have the potential to tell us a great deal about how people might have lived at the site and also about their relationships with the wider world. Specialists will now be looking at the bone and pottery in detail to find out more about this unique Welsh site and the results will help inform discussion, understanding and interpretation of Medieval settlement in South Wales and beyond.


Medieval silver longcross penny (obverse)     Medieval silver longcross penny (reverse)
Medieval silver longcross penny, Edward I 1279
Image © Cardiff University

7th Century copper 1/2 follis (obverse)   7th Century copper 1/2 follis (reverse)
7th Century copper 1/2 follis, Heraclius 611-612, minted Carthage, N. Africa
Image © Cardiff University


Late 16th - late 17th century glass vessel fragment    Late 16th - late 17th century glass vessel fragment
16th/17th century square case bottle neck fragment
Image © Cardiff University


Roman Samian pottery sherd
Roman Samian pottery body sherd, imported decorative red slipware vessel
Image © Cardiff University

Roman Greyware pottery sherd
Roman Greyware pottery rim sherd, utility vessel
Image © Cardiff University

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