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Your Invitation

The information below should answer any questions you may have regarding your invitation:


How will I get my invitation?

You will get your invitation by email from  or to your email addresses on the Student Information Management System (SIMS). So please make sure they are up to date.  You can check your details on SIMS online.

Your School will send you a separate invitation to any reception they are having 

School Events


When will I get my invitation?

Your invitation will be sent out between March and June.

If you are a Postgraduate student you will be invited after your award has been confirmed at an Awards & Progress Committee meeting.

 Dates of when the Awards & Progress Committee meets


What does the invitation contain?

  • Date and time of your ceremony
  • How to let us know you are coming
  • Which gown you need to order and how


What happens if I have already left the University?

You will receive your invitation to attend Graduation via email and MUST complete the online registration task. Once you have been invited you will be able to access the online registration task on SIMS. Your username will be in the invitation email.


How do I tell you I want to come?

You MUST complete the online registration task outlined in your invitation email.

We cannot accept requests via email.


When do I have to tell you I’m coming?

You have to tell us by Monday 22 June 2015.  


How do I get guest tickets?

You MUST complete the online registration task outlined in your invitation email to get up to 2 free guest tickets.

More information on Guest Tickets

We cannot accept requests via email.


What happens if I fail to complete the online Registration Task?

Unfortunately, if you fail to complete the task you will not be able to attend Graduation or receive guest tickets.


How do I get a visitor letter for my/my guests’ visa application?

We are only able to provide you with 1 official copy of the visitor letter. We are sorry but we are unable to fax, scan or e-mail the letter as authorities generally only accept original documents.

Please email providing the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your Student number
  • The address to which the visitor letter should be sent
  • Delivery method:-
  • Post or Air Mail (if outside the UK) – free of charge, please take the delivery time into account.
  • Collect – please give name of person collecting (we will tell you when it is ready for collection)
  • DHL Courier – you will have to pay for this (we will tell you when it is ready for collection)

 Information on applying for visas


What Happens If I have Outstanding Debts?

If you are an Undergraduate you MUST ensure that you have cleared any outstanding University debts by Friday 22 May 2015.  

If you are a Postgraduate you MUST ensure that all University debts are cleared to be presented to an Awards and Progress Committee.

If you have outstanding educational debts you will not be included in the Graduation preparations and will not be considered by the Award Progress Committee

Receiving your certificate


What do I do if I can't remember my password?

If you cannot remember your password you should access the SIMS Online login page and click on 'Forgotten your password' and follow the on screen instructions.

If you have done this and still have problems contact the IT Service Desk ( or telephone 029 2087 4487) and inform them that you are trying to access the graduation online registration task.

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