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Information For Graduates

Graduate in front of main building

You will receive an invitation to your graduation ceremony by email. Once you have received your invitation you will be able to register your attendance through SIMS Online.  You should order your academic dress directly from Ede and Ravenscroft at least three weeks before the date of your ceremony.

Your robe, seat number and guest tickets will be available for collection from City Hall, on the day of your ceremony.

You should arrive at St David’s Hall one hour before the start time of your ceremony during which time you will be seated and a rehearsal will take place.

When you arrive at St David's Hall, you need to make your way to Level 2. 

Staff will be on hand to direct you to the auditorium.


Choose from the links below for more information on the graduation ceremony:

"Make sure you've got plenty of time to get to St David's Hall after gown collection."

- 2010 Graduate



All graduates must be in their seats at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony. It is essential that you sit in your allocated seat. There will be a rehearsal s before the ceremony is due to start. The rehearsal will ensure that you know what to do during the ceremony, and you will be guided by staff throughout the ceremony itself. Take a look at videos of previous ceremonies to get a clear idea of what to expect.



Your allocated seat number is in the top right hand corner of your registration card, which you will collect from City Hall before the ceremony. The seating arrangements are carefully planned so that you arrive on stage when your name is being called.  There will be plenty of staff on duty to ensure that you remain in the right order.

Please note that, once you have been presented for your award, you will not return to the same seat that you occupied at the start. You should therefore avoid carrying handbags, cameras etc with you into the auditorium. Please leave such items in the care of your guests.

"Arrange a place to meet your parents after the ceremony, as you leave through different doors and it is very hectic."

- 2010 Graduate


Procedure at the Ceremony

At the start of the ceremony, graduates and guests will stand as the academic staff process enter into the hall. Following a welcome and the reading of the Proclamation, graduates will be presented to the Vice-Chancellor who will receive them to their awards.

You will be prompted by one of the staff to move forward in the order listed in the programme. A presenter (a senior member of the academic staff) will read out your name and the names of your fellow students being presented to the same award. When your name is called, you will ascend the stage, walk towards the Vice-Chancellor and shake his hand. You will then leave the stage and stand with your group, facing the stage. The Vice-Chancellor will formally present you to your award. You “doff” in reply and are then re-seated by staff. When all graduates have been presented to their award, you will be asked to stand to receive the University’s Greetings.

Graduates of the Health Profession award will be asked to stand to recite the Oath (the text of which will be detailed in the graduation programme). At this point the academic staff on stage will also stand. A student will read the Oath, first in Welsh and then in English.

Unless there is an emergency, graduates are expected to remain in the auditorium throughout the ceremony.


Doctor and Senior Doctorates (DClinPsy, DDS, DDSc, DSc, DScEcon, EngD, MD,  PhD)

If you are receiving the degree of Doctor or Senior Doctor, you will ascend the stage when your name is read out by the Presenter. The Vice-Chancellor, the President/Vice-President and the Students' Union President or representative will stand and will shake hands with you. You then leave the stage and form a line, facing the Officers. The Vice-Chancellor will formally receive you to your award. You "doff" in reply and are then shown back to your seat.

Your approach to the stage and your return to your seat will be carefully guided by the staff on duty, so do not worry. Once the ceremony is underway, it really is a case of "follow-my-leader".

Students doffing during graduate ceremony 

How to 'doff'

Looking towards the Vice-Chancellor, nod your head slightly and either touch the front peak of your cap or raise it very slightly, using your right hand.


Obtaining your degree certificate

Certificates will be posted to you within approximately eight weeks of the ceremony. If after this time you should have any query regarding your certificate, please contact the Student Records Team:


Phone: +44 (0)29 2087 6211

Fax: +44 (0)29 2087 6982

Student Records Team
Registry, McKenzie House
30-36 Newport Road
Cardiff. CF24 0DE


More information on receiving your certificate