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The constitutional framework within which Cardiff University operates is based upon its Charter, Statutes and Ordinances (Please note the Ordinances are currently under review and will be republished once confirmed). The Charter defines the objects, powers and officers of the University, and embodied within it are such fundamental principles as the University's power to teach, examine, carry out research and award degrees. Details concerning the members of the University, officers, and rules concerning statutory bodies are laid down in the Statutes, while the Ordinances give practical details concerning the way in which the University is governed within the general framework of the Charter and Statutes, particularly the terms of reference of its committees.

The Council

The Council of the University is the executive authority of the University and is responsible for the management and administration of the finances and property of the University. The Council has the ultimate power of decision in respect of all matters affecting the University. A Handbook is issued to members setting out their duties and responsibilities as Council members. The Handbook is available as a resource on the right-hand side of this web-page. The Council is responsible for appointing Heads of Academic Schools.

Council regularly conducts a review of its effectiveness.  The current action plan arising from the latest review is available as a resource on this page.

The Chair of the Council is Mr John Jeans.

A list of current members of Council can be found by following this link:



Biographical information on Lay Members of Council can be found here 

The University seeks to appoint lay members from time to time for information on Council Lay Membership and on how to register an interest click here 

The Senate

The Senate of the University is the chief academic authority of the University and is responsible for determining the educational policy of the University.  The Vice-Chancellor is Chair of the Senate. A list of current members of Senate can be found by following this link:


Call for Nominations to serve on Senate

There are currently vacancies on Senate for Professorial and Academic staff in schools.  Please click here for more information.

The Court

The Court of the University receives the Annual Report and Financial Statements of the University at its meeting in February/March each year.  The Chair of Court is the President of the University, Professor Sir Martin Evans.

Call for Nominations all Staff Court

The Court of Cardiff University is a widely representative body, giving the various constituencies or stakeholders with an interest in the University a formal route for raising issues and receiving information about the University.

Meetings of the Court are held once a year, and are chaired by the President of the University, Professor Sir Martin Evans.  The main purpose of the meeting is to receive reports from the Chair of Council, the Treasurer and the Vice-Chancellor on the University's activities.

There are currently vacancies available for the following:

Academic Staff who are not members of the Council or Senate.

Non Academic Staff (Grades 1-4) who are not members of the Council.

For further information or for a nomination form please contact:
Lisa Williams / Sarah Hanks on ext: 74297 or email

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is a sub-committee of the Council.  It monitors and reviews the University's financial and other internal control systems, including the work of the internal audit unit, to ensure compliance with the mandatory requirements of the HEFCW Audit Code of Practice; advises Council on whether the University's systems and procedures promote economy, efficiency and effectiveness, and safeguard the University's assets and prevent and detect fraud or other irregularities.  It submits an:

on its activities, together with the:


The Committee is Chaired by Mr Guy Clarke.

Declaration of Interests

The University is committed to the highest standards of openness, integrity and accountability.  It seeks to conduct its affairs in a responsible manner, having regard to the principles established by the Committee on Standards in Public Life [formerly known as the Nolan Committee], which members of staff at all levels are expected to observe.  The Human Resources Division, on behalf of the University, is required to collect and verify information from all members of staff.  Please see the Human Resources Division Website for further information.

Additionally, the registers of interest for members of Council, Policy and Resources and Audit Committees and for Senior Management are available on this site.  This information is in the process of being updated.