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Student Complaints


Features of Cardiff University’s Vision and Mission are a striving for excellence, integrity and innovation in every aspect of activity; a strongly collaborative approach; open and effective communications and an inclusive culture based on dignity, courtesy and respect.  We recognise however, that from time to time things can go wrong and that students may need to raise a concern/issue with the University.  

Raising a concern/issue:

All concerns/issues are taken very seriously by the University; If you wish to raise a concern/issue, this should be done informally within a matter of days of the problem arising using the University's Procedures for the Resolution of Students' Concerns/Issues (Procedure) English /  Cymraeg . Please read the full Procedure before raising your concern/issue to ensure you are eligible to use the Procedure and also to ensure that you are using the correct University Procedure for your concern/issue.    If after reading the Procedure you are still not sure whether you are using the correct Procedure, please contact us.  Information for current students (including academic appeals) can be found here .

The University expects that many concerns/issues can be dealt with successfully through the informal stage of the Procedure. However, if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your concern/issue you may have recourse to the formal process.  For further information regarding the formal process, please contact the Governance and Compliance Division as outlined in the Procedure.  

Support for students experiencing difficulties:

There are a number of different people that can help you if you are experiencing difficulties and you are encouraged to seek this support:

  • Your Personal tutor or senior academic responsible for your course of study
  • The Students’ Union Advice and Representation Centre (ARC)
  • The Student Support Centre (please note, the Student Support Centre will not be able to assist in the formulation of complaints against the University or its staff, but will advise students on the procedure/action they should follow/take)

Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA):

If, having fully completed the University’s internal Procedures you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of your concern/issue, there may be provision for an external review of your concern/issue  by the OIA; find out more by visiting the OIA website.

Student Support
Advice and Representation Centre
Office of the Independent Adjudicator