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Working parents

What the law says:

The statutory right to request flexible working

Currently, there is a statutory right to request flexible work arrangements for eligible employees who have or expect to have parental responsibility of a child aged under 17 years old (or of a disabled child under 18).  This right also extends to employees who are carers for, or expect to care for, an adult who is 18 or over who is their spouse, civil partner or live-in partner, a relative or someone living at the same address as the employee.

From 30 June 2014, all employees (not just those with parental responsibility for a child, or caring responsibilities for an adult) who meet the service requirement will have the right to request flexible work arrangements.

Maternity benefits - every pregnant employee, regardless of their length of service, has the right to take 52 weeks maternity leave . They also have the right to return to the same or similar job.
Pregnant employees are also entitled to paid reasonable time off for antenatal care.

Adoption leave - eligible employees (one member of a couple) can take up to 52 weeks adoption leave.

Paternity/partners’ leave - (includes same sex partners) at present employees who fulfil certain criteria are entitled to paid leave (called “ordinary paternity leave) following the birth of a baby. The leave is a period of one or two consecutive weeks. The leave is available to both natural and adoptive parents.

Additional paternity leave - eligible employees can take up to 26 weeks leave to care for their new baby. The right to additional paternity leave allows the father of a child, or the mother's partner, to take up to 26 weeks' leave after the birth of the child, once the mother returns to work from her maternity leave. An employee who is one of a couple adopting a child can also take additional paternity leave, once the primary adopter returns to work from adoption leave.

Parental leave -  parental leave is a legal entitlement for both men and women. It is a  period of up to 18 weeks’ unpaid leave for employees who are the parents of children under age 5, or of disabled children under 18 years of age).For further information on entitlements, please refer to the Cardiff University Work Life Balance Arrangements.
Cardiff University policies.

The University is committed to ensuring that Cardiff University provides and sustains a positive working environment for all its staff. As part of this commitment, the University has developed a  framework of Work Life Balance policies.  The provisions of which often exceed legal requirements.  These include:

Maternity Leave Scheme - provides an outline of the various maternity leave entitlements available to female staff. The entitlements will differ according to the length of service the member of staff has with the University.
Adoption Leave/ Surrogacy Leave Scheme – similar to maternity leave, the adoption/surrogacy leave scheme is applicable to staff regardless of gender and is available to one partner in a relationship, while the other partner would be eligible for paternity leave.
Paternity Leave Scheme - an employee must be the biological father or be married to, or be the partner of the child’s mother (this includes same sex partners) and have (or expect to have) responsibility for the upbringing of the child (apart from that of the mother).  Staff will be provided with reasonable paid time off for antenatal / adoption appointments where circumstances allow.
University Special Leave Schemes -the University offers a number of discretionary leave schemes to help and support staff should they experience a domestic crisis or other life-changing event.

Please visit the Work Life Balance policies pages of the website to view the details of eligibility and entitlement.