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Working carers

What is the definition of a carer?

The Work and Families Act defines a carer as an employee who is or expects to be caring for an adult who:

• is married to, or the partner or civil partner of the employee; or
• is a relative of the employee; or
• falls into neither category but lives at the same address as the employee

What the law says:

Right to request flexible working

Currently, there is a statutory right to request flexible work arrangements for eligible employees who have or expect to have parental responsibility of a child aged under 17 years old (or of a disabled child under 18).  This right also extends to employees who are carers for, or expect to care for, an adult who is 18 or over who is their spouse, civil partner or live-in partner, a relative or someone living at the same address as the employee.

From 30 June 2014, all employees (not just those with parental responsibility for a child, or caring responsibilities for an adult) who meet the service requirement will have the right to request flexible work arrangements.

For further information on entitlements, please refer to the Cardiff University Work Life Balance Arrangements.   More information on the right to request flexible working as carer can be found on the ACAS website

Cardiff University policies

The University is committed to ensuring that Cardiff University provides a positive working environment for all its staff.  As part of this commitment, the University has developed a flexible and responsive framework of Work Life Balance policies.  These include:

University Special Leave Schemes 

The University offers a number of discretionary leave schemes for staff to help and support staff should they experience a domestic crisis or other life-changing event.

Working Flexibly at Cardiff Scheme

In recognition of statutory requirements and to assist employees in achieving this balance, there are a number of types of contract available to staff within the University.  All changes to working patterns will be based on mutual agreement.

Please visit the Work Life Balance policies pages of the website to view the full details of eligibility, entitlement and how to apply for all the work life balance policies.


External sources of support

ACAS – information on employment rights for parents and carers
Working Families -  A huge resource for working parents and carers and their employers helping to find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work.
Carers Wales – advice and support for carers in Wales