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Equality Policies and resources

This outlines definition of discrimination, roles, responsibilities and the application of policy to students, staff, visitors and contractors.

Cardiff University - A Diverse Community. (Podcast)

This podcast has ben developed for use in student induction.  It can also be used as a way of introducing the topic for further discussion or study.  

The podcast is also available in Welsh .


This policy provides advice and support to students and staff who feel subjected to harassment, bullying or victimisation.


Guidance for students who become pregnant or students who become parents.  Also useful for members of staff who might be approached by students for support. This guidance does not aim to cover every eventuality as all cases will need to be dealt with on an individual basis. 


These guidelines are designed to help make sure our communications are accessible to as wide an audience as possible, including people within equality groups protected by the Equality Act 2010 who may have specific communication and access needs such as disabled people and people from minority ethnic communities and Welsh speakers under the Welsh Language Act 1993 (as updated by the Welsh Language Measure 2011).


This policy seeks to ensure that arrangements are in place to safeguard children and vulnerable adults in line with best practice, statutory requirements (where applicable) and the common law. 


This Code of Practice has been based on the conclusions of a working group to review the use of photographic ID for both staff and students in the University. The Code sets out the circumstances in which photographic identity may be required and checked at the University and the legal provisions that apply.  The Code defines when it will be lawful to ask someone wearing religious dress that covers the face to uncover their face for an identity check. 


Equality and Diversity advice for students travelling abroad for work or study . Cultures, practices and more importantly legal frameworks can be very different in different countries, and it is important to ensure that you familiarise yourself with information about the equality and diversity framework of the country you are planning to visit on your placement before you make a formal application.

Equality and Diversity Advice for Researchers - these guidelines are designed to help researchers to consider issues of equality and diversity throughout the research process including promoting research that is inclusive and accessible for 'protected characteristic' groups.

Equality Impact Assessments - guidance and templates on the completion of EIAs.

Work/Life Balance arrangements - includes family friendly policies on maternity, adoption, paternity leave and flexible working

Specific policies and guidance for protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010

Disability Guidance for staff  and for students 



Catrin Morgan
Equality & Diversity Manager
Tel: (029) 208 70230

Alison Preece
Equality & Diversity Officer
Tel: (029) 208 79919