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Freedom of Information Act 2000

The Freedom of Information 2000 requires the University, as a public body, to make available the information it holds unless an exemption applies. It is required to do this in two different ways. Firstly it is required to maintain a Publication Scheme which sets out the information it will routinely make available to the public.  Much of this information is posted on the web and is freely available to download.

Publication Scheme

Secondly the University is required to respond to written requests from individuals for information it holds that is not covered by the Publication Scheme.  Unless an exemption applies, the University is obliged to release the information, normally within 20 working days.

Individual Requests

Another set of legislation governs access to environmental information, the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.  The impact of these is broadly similar to that of the Freedom of Information Act.

Environmental Information

Data Protection