Internship Opportunities 2014/15

All undergraduate students are eligible to apply for a GOC internship bursary to support them during their summer internship

Internship Opportunities 2014/15

DetailsRelevant subjects
Teach English in Thailand Programme: 9 week Teaching internship via the British Council. Gain valuable work experience as an English Language Assistant working in Thai schools.Closing date 18/01/15
Any student seeking classroom work experience
Argonne Student Research Participation Programme: Develop and implement a research plan supported by a supervisor who will provide programme assistance. Weekly seminars and tours dealing with current topics in science and engineering and career development. Stipend $500 per wk. Closing date 1st Feb
Science, Technology,Engineering & Maths
Teach your subject in English speaking schools.
Generous government funding and a GOC bursary
Argonne Research Aide: The Research Aide program offers temporary employment opportunities to provide the opportunity to apply technical knowledge and skills while assisting Argonne scientific and engineering staff on key mission science projects. (Competitive Salary) Closing date March 1st
Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths
Generation UK-India Work Placements in creative Industries & I.T.Generous government funding and a GOC bursary
Volvo Summer Internships: Engineering, Marketing & communications internships in USA, Ireland, France and Canada.(Competitive Salary)Engineering, Marketing, Business management,  
This paid opportunity involves working with children providing teaching and instruction as an activity coach.
Bunac teaching Internship & TEFL Qualification in Columbia/ South Africa coming soonAll
Work The World is the leading provider of medical healthcare placements in Africa, Asia & South America. With longstanding partnerships with a variety of hospitals and clinics your placement will be matched to your career interests and degree specialism.
All Healthcare subjects
Paid summer 10-12 week analyst and associate internships in banking & finance based in North America, Europe, the middle east, Africa, Asia Pacific and Japan.
Business, Finance & Accounting, Maths, Physics and

Dialog Semiconductor plc Paid internships in the field of Engineering with some opportunities in commercial departments such as Marketing.


DAAD RISE summer internship program for undergraduate students offers unique opportunities for you to work with research groups at universities and top research institutions across Germany for a period of 2 to 3 months.Closing date 15/01/15