Professional training year

Are you carrying out a Professional Training Year abroad that forms part of your degree programme?

Undertaking a Professional Training Year abroad will offer you the chance to gain valuable work experience that is focussed on your degree specialism within an international setting.

Your Academic School will be able to advise you regarding suitable placements and will need to verify that it meets the academic criteria necessary to support your studies.

Please visit the Resources:Working Abroad section for further advice on working abroad and for potential opportunities.  

Twelve month international opportunities are also advertised on the Careers Service website:

The Global Opportunity Centre PTY Abroad Bursary Scheme is available to support undergraduate students that are carrying out a professional training year abroad. Applications for students carrying out a professional training year from September 2015-16 are now open.

 To apply for a bursary please complete the PTY Abroad Bursary Application form and return it to  no later than July 31st 2015.

 For full details regarding award amounts please see PTY Abroad Bursary Scheme 2015/16