Whether you are planning to launch your career in the UK or abroad following graduation, the skills that you'll need to demonstrate to really stand out do not differ.

It isn't all about being fluent in another language either; in a recent report by the Association of Graduate Recruiters and the CIHE, the skill cited as most highly valued by employers is the 'ability to work with teams of people from a range of backgrounds and countries.'

An International internship will be positive in many ways, supporting your employability, providing potential valuable networking links and credible experience as well as the adventure that it is sure to offer.You will experience another cultures and viewpoints, make new friends and share unforgettable experiences during your time abroad. You will also have the chance to embrace a new language and will experience all of this safe in the knowledge that you are enhancing your career prospects

An International Internship gives you the chance to:

  • Explore a career idea and see if it's for you
  • Gain valuable career related experience in your chosen field
  • Gain valuable advice from professionals working in the field and hear their stories
  • Evidence your ability to take on a challenge and succeed
  • Stand out when applying for jobs
  • Start to develop your global professional network
  • Be paid whilst investing in your future
  • Gain credible references
  • If you impress, potentially secure your first graduate job
  • Experience another culture
  • Explore the reality of different working cultures
  • Explore the country you are staying in during your spare time

The market for highly skilled graduates is increasingly global. Economic and technological change is facilitating an internationalisation and de-territorialisation of business.

CIHE, Global Graduates Report 2013