Summer Opportunities

Interested in studying abroad this summer at a university in Europe or Worldwide?  Don't know where to start?

Come along to an informal information session on Wednesday 4thMarch at 12.00 in the Global Opportunity Centre (37 Park Place) to find out more.  The session will highlight a number of Santander and Your Choice programmes on offer.  To reserve a place email:

Our Global Opportunity Bursary Scheme is available to partially fund a range of summer opportunities.

East Asia (Fully Funded option*)

  • Opportunities at universities in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea. 
  • *Tuition fees and accommodation are paid for by the Global Opportunity Bursary Scheme.  In addition, students receive a £300 contribution towards the cost of flights.

Brazil (Fully Funded option*)

  • Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianópolis
  • *Tuition fees and accommodation will be paid by the Global Opportunity Bursary Scheme. In addition, students receive a £500 contribution towards the cost of flights.

Santander Funded Opportunities

  • £1000 Santander Funded Bursaries are available to support students undertaking short-term study programmes at universities which are part of Santander's University Network.

 Your Choice

  • The opportunity for you to research your own placement at a university abroad.  This is the ideal opportunity for you to source a study programme that fits with your academic interests. Bursaries of £500 are available to students studying within Europe, and £800 bursaries are available to students studying worldwide (outside of the EU).Students eligible for a Cardiff University Bursary will also receive an additional £200.

Externally Funded Opportunities

  • These opportunities are open to all UK undergraduate students. A £300 bursary will be available to assist with travel expenses for students meeting the GO eligibility criteria.  In addition students are eligible for sponsorship or funding from external sources.

Are you a student of Engineering? Check out these GE3 Summer Programmes just for you!

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