School funding

Funding opportunity 2014/15

Academically-led international mobility opportunities

In order to facilitate academic schools and colleges achieving their outward mobility targets, we are offering funding to encourage the creation and development of new and innovative academically-led student mobility opportunities.

Funding is available for placements to take place during the academic year 2014/15 (including summer 2015).

In line with the University's Fee Plan, existing credit-bearing activities that are part of a student's programme of study are not eligible for this source of funding.

The opportunities must contribute towards the target of increasing Undergraduate mobility at Cardiff University, have a minimum duration of 4 weeks and take place outside of the UK.

Academic Schools are asked to confirm, using this form that they consider the placements to be academically valuable or otherwise culturally advantageous to students and the funding awarded by the GOC will not replace existing external or allocated internal funding for the proposed mobility opportunities.


The selection committee will comprise the Head of the GOC and the International Dean for each College and will consider the following:

  • How the activity will be of benefit to the participating students and the Academic School / College
  • How the activity will positively impact on the Academic School / College's outward mobility targets

Please complete the form and email it to by the 17th October 2014.

Members of staff within the GOC, would be very happy to discuss proposed applications, please contact and we can set up an appointment.