Why go abroad

An international experience will not only enhance your CV by demonstrating key skills such as communication, flexibility and collaborative working, but will provide you with valuable networking opportunities and, above all, it is the start of a new adventure.

You will experience other cultures and viewpoints, make new friends and share unforgettable experiences during your time abroad. You will also have the chance to embrace a new language and will experience all of this safe in the knowledge that you are enhancing your career prospects at the same time.

Whether you are planning to launch your career in the UK or abroad following graduation the skills that you'll need to demonstrate to really stand out do not differ.

It isn't all about being fluent in another language either; in a recent report by the Association of Graduate Recruiters and the CIHE, the skill cited as most highly valued by employers is the 'ability to work with teams of people from a range of backgrounds and countries.'

During your time here at Cardiff you have the opportunity to do all of this whilst you are studying enabling you to graduate as a global graduate giving you the upper hand in the job market. 

Find out more about the study, work and volunteering opportunities available.

Hear from past and present Cardiff students on the benefits of going abroad.

The market for highly skilled graduates is increasingly global. Economic and technological change is facilitating an internationalisation and de-territorialisation of business.

CIHE, Global Graduates Report 2013