About us

Established in 1966, we are a leading international centre for teaching and research in spatial planning and human geography, offering multi-disciplinary applied human geography and urban studies.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for teaching excellence, being consistently ranked in the top ten of the UK Higher Education Institutes and consistently achieving high ratings in the National Student Survey.

  • 92% of our students are happy with their overall experience in the National Student Survey 2016.

The talented team of experts that comprise our teaching and research staff contains a significant number of human geographers, which helps us to build and maintain this reputation across the boundaries of urban planning and human geography.

We offer a range of degree programmes in multi-disciplinary applied human geography and urban studies to provide a stimulating educational experience. We currently provide four undergraduate degrees, eight taught postgraduate degree programmes, and a variety of postgraduate research opportunities.

We have a commitment to interdisciplinary partnerships through the following research centres which bring together scholars from across the University to enhance our research:

In this creative and challenging environment, you will learn about the nature of the social, economic, political and environmental processes that shape urban and rural areas, and the various ways in which public policy, at European, national and local levels, can improve the quality of life for the public at large.

You will also gain valuable social and employability skills in a unique multicultural environment with staff that are committed to providing you with the support needed for you to achieve and succeed at the highest level.