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Preview Cardiff University’s special Founders’ Day supplement here

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Strong founding principles

The news that Cardiff had been selected as home for a new university college in Wales was greeted like a modern-day city winning the Olympics.


The new college was founded on the basis that higher education should be open to all, regardless of age, gender or background – principles which have stood the University in good stead for 125 years.


Many of these first principles were laid down by the University’s first Principal, Professor John Viriamu Jones. A brilliant physicist, he was appointed to the post at the age of just 27.



Gwyneth Lewis


To celebrate the 125th anniversary of Cardiff University


Beiddia feiddio,
gwellha dy wneud.
Mynna geisio,
parcha ddweud.

fydd dy glod.
Dy ddyfodol:
mentro bod.


Learning’s a passport that returns you home
a better person. It permits you to dare
being daring. Makes you secure
with not knowing everything. Helps you welcome


some failure. Forges an alloy
with others’ thinking. It is simple delight
in mind and its motions. Scintillates
but isn’t deceptive. Admits the joy


of institutes, is the open road
to everywhere but bigotry.
It’s the shortest distance between you and me
and, if you’re lucky, it never ends.


Gwyneth Lewis


Listen to Education (Welsh)

Listen to Education (English)


Learn more about Gwyneth Lewis

Look inside to find out how Cardiff University is celebrating its 125th anniversary and browse full web news items of the articles.

A University to be proud of

Outstanding research, high-quality teaching and an innovative approach to problem solving has led to Cardiff University being recognised nationally and internationally as one of the UK's leading universities. Such recognition brings benefits not only to the University but also to our many partners and collaborators throughout Wales and internationally.

Extending the boundaries of knowledge

University research plays a vital role in extending the frontiers of knowledge and understanding. It delivers benefits to health, prosperity and the development of society. Our research extends to the depths of the oceans, the furthest reaches of spaces, across the centuries of history, and to aspects of society.

Investing in our future

Inclusiveness is one of our most cherished values and can be traced back to the very foundation of the University when men and women were admitted on equal terms. Today, inclusiveness remains evident throughout the University