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Eye care

As your employer Cardiff University provides members of staff who are “users” of display screen equipment (DSE) with an eye and eyesight test. These tests are carried out at the Cardiff University Eye Clinic and approval will be needed in advance from your Head of School or Directorate or other appropriate authorised members of staff.

The University will contribute £50 towards the cost of your spectacles or contact lenses if they are required specifically for DSE at work. In general, if spectacles and lenses worn by the DSE User are required for both general use and DSE use, a contribution cannot be made as this would give rise to a taxable benefit. Please contact the Eye Clinic for more detailed information.

Cardiff University student optometrists offer a free eye examination to all members of staff and the general public during term time. These examinations are run as part of the students training to professional standards, and are an essential part of their degree, leading to their final qualification. For more information visit the Eye Clinic Website