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In the event of an Emergency

The following advice will very much depend on the type of emergency you are dealing with e.g. medical, traffic accident, local environmental factors (such as flooding, earthquake etc), crime or terrorism etc. However, many measures will be relevant to all.

  • The first priority is ensure your physical safety – take any reasonable steps necessary.
  • As soon as it is practical and safe to do so, make contact with your appointed primary contact in the UK. If you are calling out of regular office hours the University security office (+44 2920 874444) should be your first point of contact.
  • If necessary, ring your emergency contact within the country (e.g. British Council, local agent, home embassy).  For a list of UK embassies contact details see
  • University staff also have access to Zurich Travel Assistance (being the University’s insurers), which covers all sorts of emergencies from medical assistance to repatriation. It is well worth reading these pages and making a note of all appropriate emergency contact numbers so that you have easy access to them overseas.
  • If you are ill, seek assistance either through your hotel’s emergency medical service or as recommended by your local contact.
  • If you need to make arrangements to leave the country earlier than planned, contact the emergency telephone number for the University’s travel agent, Co-operative travel.

Emergency 24 hour contact numbers

To inform the University that you are safe and/or need assistance
+44 (0) 2920 874444

For assistance with travel
Co-operative Travel
+44 (0)1908 002540

For emergency assistance (natural disaster, terrorist attack, kidnapping etc.)
+44 (0)1489 868 888