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Travel and Transport

There will be occasions when members of staff and students of the University may have to travel, either in this country or abroad in the course of University business. This may well take place in countries that are considered “safe for travellers”, but may well take place in countries (or parts of countries) where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) may advise against travel. However, no member of staff or student should be expected to travel to a country where there are legitimate concerns about personal health or safety.

This website sets out the University procedure for UK and overseas travel undertaken on University business and research etc. Overseas travel will require additional advance planning, care and common sense. It should be noted that travel abroad may expose staff to a number of health and safety hazards arising specifically from the travel itself and/or the conditions within the country being visited, which may not necessarily be directly work related.  

Overseas Travel Advice
Including travel planning tips, staying safe, what to do in an emergency and on your return to the UK.

Local Travel Advice
Including lift share scheme, parking in Cardiff, public transport and University car parking.