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School Selection Procedures - Physiotherapy

All applications for a place on any of the Healthcare Sciences degree schemes must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application service.

In order to establish your potential to cope with the academic requirements of the programme, the initial assessment consists of prioritising applications based on meeting the minimum academic criteria and predicted grades.

You will undergo further selection on the basis of information contained in your UCAS Personal Statement and also the Referee’s comments. Each UCAS application is given careful consideration by 2 members of the academic staff and the following specifications are assessed and scored according to criteria defined in the guidelines.

  • commitment to a physiotherapy career
  • demonstration of knowledge and breadth of physiotherapy
  • team working and responsibility
  • communication skills
  • referee’s comments

Each criterion has a maximum score of 6 points and you must attain a minimum total score of 24 points with no criterion scoring less than 3 points unless mitigating circumstances are presented.

You are expected to have researched the profession and to have an understanding of the diversity of Physiotherapy. Whilst work experience in a physiotherapy department is ideal for acquiring this knowledge, not all candidates will have such an opportunity. Therefore it is recommended that information is obtained from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy website.

Use of Contextual Data

Further information is to follow. For details of University policy, please click here.

Admissions Tests

The School of Healthcare Sciences does not have any standardised admissions test requirements.

Selection Interviews

The School of Healthcare Sciences does not usually interview applicants for its BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy undergraduate programme, but it does hold an Information Day for applicants holding an offer during April of the year of entry.

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