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School Selection Procedures - Pharmacy

All applications for a place on the Pharmacy degree programme must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application service. Applications can be made either in the English or the Welsh language. We recognise that if you are a Welsh speaker, you may feel more comfortable speaking to a Welsh-speaking personal tutor. Provided there are Welsh speaking members of staff available, every effort will be made to allocate a Welsh speaker to you.

After we have received and considered your application, we may invite you to visit the School for an interview sometime during the period November to early March. This will include a guided tour of the School. Under normal circumstances, students will not receive an offer without an interview. If you are an international student we can conduct an interview by telephone. For some countries, including China (Hong Kong), Kenya and Malaysia, members of our staff sometimes undertake visits to promote our MPharm programme and to undertake interviews of applicants. You can contact us to ask about the dates of these visits.

Applications are considered as soon as possible after they are received in the School. Initial screening is of academic achievement to date and predicted or achieved grades for A2-level, IB or equivalent. Also considered is commitment to Pharmacy as evidenced particularly by the personal statement but sometimes also by the referee’s report. Students must be in prospect of achieving the standard AAB offer grades in the correct subjects (see below) and evidence a commitment to the study or practice of Pharmacy or another health care subject/profession.

Before an offer of a place is made an applicant will always have an interview; during the School visit days mentioned above or (for applicants outside the UK) by telephone or occasionally by a member of staff travelling overseas. The School’s staff undertakes 400-plus such interviews each admissions cycle.

The MPharm Admissions Tutors make all selection decisions within the School, advised by interviewers’ written comments and conclusion.

School Selection Criteria

The Admissions Tutors primarily consider past or predicted academic achievement and evidence of knowledge of or interest in pharmacy.

The School assesses applicants’ knowledge of the science and practice of pharmacy, garnered and evidenced by background reading or work experience. The School will also have regard to the lucidity of the applicant’s personal statement and their ability to communicate during the above-mentioned interview.

It should be emphasised that academic qualifications achieved or in prospect are most important in short-listing and selecting candidates for the offer of a place. Sometimes a student will be rejected at interview if they are unenthusiastic, lacking in knowledge of their professed career or study or unprofessional in their attitude. Impressions gained at interview can come in to play if a student has narrowly missed their offer grades come results time in August. Positive comments by an interviewer might see such an applicant with a better chance of a place than a candidate with more neutral comments.

Admissions Tests

Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences does not have any standardised admissions test requirements.

Selection Interviews

Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences interviews applicants for its undergraduate programmes.

Use of Contextual Data

All suitable applicants who are eligible for additional consideration and are predicted a minimum of grades BBB will be invited to interview. Following a satisfactory performance at interview, applicants may be made a typical offer on the School of Pharmacy undergraduate course. Typical offers can be found here

For details of University policy on use of Contextual Data, please click here.

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