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School Selection Procedures - Optometry

All applications for a place on the Optometry degree programme must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application service. Applications can be made either in the English or the Welsh language. We recognise that if you are a Welsh speaker, you may feel more comfortable speaking to a Welsh speaking personal tutor. Provided there are Welsh speaking members of staff available, every effort will be made to allocate a Welsh speaker to you at any point of the application process.

After we have received and considered your application, we may invite you to visit the School during the period from November to early March, when we organise the School Open Days. This gives prospective students the opportunity to look around the School and meet the staff. We feel it is very important that prospective students visit the School before making their decision on where they wish to study.

School Selection Criteria

The School considers the student’s previous examination performance, predicted future examination performance, personal statement, applicant reference and, in some cases, an interview when deciding on an offer. From this information, the School is seeking to assess:

  • the suitability of the candidate for a healthcare profession
  • the ability of the student to meet the academic standards of the BSc Optometry course
  • the personal motivation of the applicant towards the demands of studying on a professional vocational course

In summary, the School is committed to admitting applicants who are socially and academically well-rounded.

In the personal statement, the School is interested in learning more about the applicant’s interests and achievements outside the classroom. The autobiographical sketch provides an opportunity for the applicant to describe their non-academic profile, including extracurricular activities, non-academic awards, hobbies, work and volunteer experience, athletic involvement, community leadership, club membership, and student government etc.

Where the information available to the School is insufficient to decide on whether to make an offer or to reject the application, the School may apply to the referee for more information or ask the applicant to attend for interview. However, not all applicants will receive an interview. Interviews provide an opportunity to appraise personal qualities which may bear on the applicant's success in the practise of optometry and which are not apparent from the application. Not being granted an interview does not adversely affect the applicant’s chance of being made an offer to the BSc Optometry course. Interviews are typically scheduled between January and April of the year of admission and take place either at the School of Optometry and Vision Science in Cardiff, or at another suitable location, as determined each year. The School also holds Open Days, to which applicants are invited to attend, should they be offered a place on the course. The Open Day provides an opportunity for the applicant to view the School and to ask any questions they may have about the School and the programme.

While the School will be guided in its decision-making by these admissions criteria, it is important to remember that selection involves complex professional judgments and that selection takes place in a highly competitive environment. Therefore mere possession of the qualities indicated does not guarantee the offer of a place.

Admissions Tests

Cardiff School of Optometry and Vision Sciences does not have any standardised admissions test requirements.

Selection Interviews

Cardiff School of Optometry and Vision Sciences may interview applicants for its undergraduate programmes. Please see guidance in "School Selection Criteria" above.

Use of Contextual Data

Further information is to follow. For details of University policy, please click here.

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