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Funding & fees

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Other organisations

Funding success for part-time PhD student (Dorottya Cserzo)
Dorottya Cserzo, part-time PhD student in Language and Communication, was successful in her application for funding from the Sidney Perry Foundation

Many organisations offer funding for postgraduate courses although they’re unlikely to cover full expenses.

Receiving funding from various sources looks good on your CV – particularly in academic careers.

How much is it likely to be?

It can vary from a few hundred pounds to several thousand. Bear in mind that it’s often meant to be partial funding so you may need to apply to more than one source. In fact, when you gain funding other organisations are more likely to see you as a credible investment and may also offer support.

Who is eligible?

Funding is usually awarded based on economic hardship, academic excellence or both.

There are often other eligibility requirements based on the subject studied or place of residence.

How do I apply?

  • The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding, a free eBook available to current Cardiff University students, applicants and prospective students provides guidance and a list of selected funding bodies 
  • Cardiff University also subscribes to ResearchProfessional providing access to their research funding and news service for our current students of Cardiff University.
  • FindAPhD – More info on funding by charities