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How to apply

Study Abroad (JYA)

Example programmes

Below you will find two example programs that you can use as a template to build your study abroad program.

If you need assistance or any suggestions to help build your program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fall semester

Module code Title Credits
SE2289 Jane Austen in Context 10
SE2202 Introduction to Old English 10
SE2204 Shakespeare’s Comedies 10
EU4401 British Politics 10
HS1187 Britain and the 1st World War 10
HS1006 Early Modern England and Wales 10

Spring semester

Cardiff University welcomes students to study science based subjects. In most of the science-focused academic schools you will have to study in the Spring semester.

Module code Title Credits
BI3110 Assessing the Environment 20
EA2010 Igneous and Metamorphic Geology 20
BI1115 Ecology 10
EA2015 Geological Resources 10

Study Abroad (JYA)